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Electric Stove Repair Guide

June 29th, 2017

electric stove burnerFor those who use electric stoves to cook, some problems can inhibit your cooking ability. While taking the necessary precautions when trying to troubleshoot, maintain or repair an electric stove is crucial, you’ll be able to diagnose most of the issues. Here’s a review of the most common electric stove issues:

Your electric stove won’t turn on

If you can’t turn your electric stove on, odds are the unit is not getting electricity. Making sure it’s properly plugged in should be your first step, and if it is, you probably have a defective outlet. Even so, it’s possible you have a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or severed cable. If none of the issues mentioned above is to blame, contact an electric stove repair company. (more…)

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Gas Stove Repair Guide

June 13th, 2017

gas stove flameFor those who use gas stoves to cook, several issues can keep you from cooking. Fortunately, troubleshooting takes a few minutes. However, taking the necessary precautions is a must when trying to troubleshoot, maintain or repair a gas stove. The most common gas stove problems include:

The surface burner just won’t light

It’s common for gas stove owners to complain about surface burners that won’t light. The most likely culprits include clogged burner portholes or a defective ignition switch. Even so, you’ll want to confirm that your gas stove is correctly plugged in if it features an electric igniter. If the power is on and your circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped, a plugged-in gas stove that features an electric igniter is supposed to click repeatedly when the dial is set to light. If the stove does not produce a click, your ignition switch has probably malfunctioned. You should smell the gas if there’s a click but no flame, and if you don’t, then you probably have a gas flow issue. Either way, calling in a professional is the best option. (more…)

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Natural Cleaning Products to Clean Your Appliances

January 10th, 2017

baking soda can keep your appliances cleanWould you like to reduce the number of harsh chemicals you use in your home? Doing so is inexpensive and simple. Consider these appliance cleaning tips that use safe, natural ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Clean Just About Anything

For a safe and effective all-purpose household cleaner, combine the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

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What’s That Sound? Signs That Your Kitchen Appliance is Breaking Down

November 1st, 2016

open-dishwasherWith three meals a day and special dinners created on the weekends, the kitchen is a hub of activity. You might operate three or four different kitchen appli­ances at once so that dinner is a resounding success. These appliances are constantly being used, but they’re often over­looked when it comes to maintenance. If you’re wondering if your kitchen appliance is failing, consider these simple observations that can confirm a breakdown. A serious failure could mean that a replacement is necessary.

Unusual Sounds

Any dishwasher repair professional will tell you that strange sounds from your kitchen appliances aren’t good. In fact, these sounds usually occur when a failure has already happened. Parts might be spinning loosely in an appliance where further damages are slowly occurring. Listen to your dishwasher, refrigerator and garbage disposal. Because you’re familiar with the normal sounds in your household, noticing new noises should be simple. Contact a professional when any sounds continue to ring out. (more…)

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Fall Into Autumn: Prioritize Your Appliance Maintenance Now

October 18th, 2016

A Milwaukee dryer repair professional can repair other appliances tooCool weather in autumn prompts residents to bake comforting food and to enjoy loved ones at home. Fall is also a great time to concentrate on your household appliances. Summer’s fun has passed, and those loyal appliances may be in need of some professional maintenance. Take a deeper look at your basic appliances and their preventative maintenance needs. You want them to run smoothly into winter and beyond.

The Hidden World Behind the Refrigerator

Listen to your refrigerator with a quiet household. It should have a low-level hum that’s barely noticeable. However, a refrigerator that has a loud sound will require some maintenance. A repair professional will pull the refrigerator out from the wall, and he or she will vacuum out the coils as an initial task. Clean coils will only improve the appliance’s heat-transfer process while quieting the humming sound too. Your professional will also examine other core areas on the refrigerator’s rear side. Any water leaks or hose cracks will be noted and repaired before the appliance is pushed back against the wall. (more…)

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Clean Your Appliances With an Earth-Friendly Attitude

June 17th, 2016

Sunrise In SpaceAs you walk down the aisle in nearly any grocery store, you’re greeted by high-priced cleaners that have every chemical mixture possible. Although these chemical combinations are effective, they’re not necessarily good for the Earth. Take a close look at some of the ways that you can clean those appliances without relying on chemicals. The Earth and your health will thank you in the end.

Open the Refrigerator’s Door

You may place a baking-soda container in your refrigerator so that odors are neutralized, but it doesn’t scrub the interior walls for you. Grab a spray bottle, and add an equal amount of water and vinegar to it. Shake up the mixture and scrub. Vinegar is very acidic, and it kills off germs and fungus with a very low concentration. Use a soft rag during your scrubbing process in order to protect the refrigerator’s walls from any scratches. (more…)

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When It’s Time for Stovetop or Oven Range Repair

March 9th, 2016

Repairman performing a range repair

Repairman Servicing an Electric Kitchen Range

When you purchase any major appliance, it always requires some preventive maintenance. Although you may call consistently for a washing machine repair appointment, you shouldn’t overlook your kitchen range either. A range is an appliance that’s a mixture of the stovetop and oven built into one assembly. If you’re concerned about your range not properly working, consider these signs that tell you it’s time for a repair:

Igniters Failing to Produce Flames

When you have a gas range, the burners making up the stove have hidden igniters. As you activate a burner, you’ll hear a subtle clicking noise. If this clicking and sparking isn’t producing a flame, it’s time to contact a professional for service. The gas supply may not be sufficient, the igniter might be dirty or another issue might be at play. Don’t allow the igniter to continually spark either. You’re releasing an explosive gas into the surrounding area that might be harmful. (more…)

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Don’t Make These Holiday Mistakes Near Your Appliances

December 17th, 2015

follow these tips before calling a Milwaukee microwave repairmanBetween Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the holidays are in full swing with loved ones pouring in and out of your front door. Cooking during this time period is traditional, and it also serves a functional purpose. You might have to turn the thermostat down a bit because your oven and stove provide significant heat! The holidays are fun and busy, but they’re also fraught with potential problems. Pay attention to everything going on around your appliances because certain mistakes can culminate into a huge repair bill.

Decorating Near Your Oven Or Stove

Garlands, paper snowflakes and other decorations are often draped over every surface in the home. Although you want the household to be festive, avoid any decorations near the stove and oven. In fact, don’t decorate within a few feet of this area. Both of these appliances are extremely hot during their operation, and they can ignite your pretty decorations, and may start a house fire! (more…)

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Setting Your Oven Temperature Perfectly for Holiday Cooking

November 6th, 2015

Milwaukee oven repair can fix oven controls

Milwaukee oven repair can fix oven controls

Whether your oven is a few months old or reaching 10 years old, you need a reliable temperature to cook and bake properly. Nothing is worse than burning those scrumptious cupcakes or scorching that chicken casserole. You might have had a Milwaukee oven repair person in recently to check your other appliances, but you can adjust the oven’s temperature on your own with a few tips from the experts: (more…)

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Stovetop and Range Care Tips to Live By

June 3rd, 2015

image of stove repairAn overlooked workhorse of the average household is the stove or range. With standard four burners and a full-size oven below, these appliances cook up one or more meals every day. You might scramble your eggs and run out the door in the morning, but take some time out of your schedule to clean and maintain your stove. You don’t want to find yourself in need of emergency stove repair the moment family is coming over. (more…)

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