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TLC to Prevent Home Wine Cooler Repair

dishwasher and wine cooler repairYour home wine cooler isn’t just a basic refrigerator set aside from the rest of the kitchen. It’s actually an expression of your love for wine and its delicate tastes. To give wine the best chance at maturing, we advise our clients to always keep the temperature at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit for most wines. However, maintaining this temperature requires some TLC for the wine cooler at least once every few months.

Know Your Humidity Levels

Temperature isn’t your only concern with wine storage. In fact, humidity is a key player as well. When the cooler is too humid, labels tend to saturate and slough off. Dry conditions lead to withered corks because this material depends on surrounding moist air to retain its shape. Ideally, keep the cooler at 60 percent humidity. An internal measurement device should offer this information or allow wine cooler repair personnel to adjust it with each service visit.

Give the Basics a Check

Wine lovers can take active parts in cooler TLC by keeping the system in good working order. Take some time out to slide all the wine racks in and out. They should move freely without any gumming up around their connection points. Wiping out the cooler is a smart idea if anything has leaked. Open and close the door too to see if the seals are working properly. Report any cracks or malfunctioning seals to your wine cooler repair technician on the next appointment. Losing cool air is costly and negatively affects the wine.

Where is the Water Box?

Check the water box hidden under the cooler once a month. This box is essentially an overflow device meant to catch any extra condensation or moisture. Empty the box and slide it back into place. There should only be a small moisture amount in it. Any excessive liquid should be evaluated by professionals.

Dust Off the Fan Filter

Coils on the cooler’s backside will attract dust through the years, so make it a point to vacuum off the debris every few months. Simply pull the appliance out from the wall, unplug it temporarily and carefully suck the dust from the coils. Heat transfer functions better without a dusty film hindering the process, allowing the appliance to work optimally for many years.

Relocate When Necessary

It might make sense to place the cooler near a dishwasher or in a sunny living room wet bar, but be mindful of its permanent location. Wine coolers cannot be near hot appliances or subjected to direct sunlight. Evaluate the cooler’s location and move it to a cool area if necessary. Coolers work better when not fighting off hot external conditions.

Most wine coolers come with some temperature gauge built into the system, but you can also add a more accurate and detailed hygrometer. This measurement device is often used by Milwaukee wine cooler repair professionals to gauge humidity, but you can also benefit from its information on a daily basis. If any issues arise, you can contact a repair person promptly before the wine is damaged in any way.

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