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4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

two men fixing the garbage disposaltwo men fixing the garbage disposalIf you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, you’ll need to have a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can take care of any small food particles that are left over after you eat. Even if you don’t have a dishwasher, you might still have a disposal to make sure that you don’t wind up with a drain that’s stopped up when you’re washing dishes. Like other small appliances, issues can crop up with a garbage disposal. While you might need to replace your garbage disposal under some conditions, there are some signs that indicate a somewhat simple repair might work:

Strange Noises

A high-pitched grinding noise coming from your garbage disposal might indicate that you need to make get it repaired. Sometimes, a metal utensil can fall into the disposal. It’s usually possible to remove these and fix the problem. If there’s not a utensil evident, you’ll want to call someone to see what the problem is. In this instance, the components of your disposal could be misaligned. A professional can tell you what direction to go in if there’s a nasty grinding noise coming from your disposal. If the components of your disposal are out of alignment, a professional will likely be able to remedy the problem with a few adjustments.

Your Disposal Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, a garbage disposal simply won’t turn on. There can be a number of reasons this might happen. If it’s not a simple problem with a circuit breaker, you’ll want to contact a professional skilled at garbage disposal repair. A professional can figure out the problem and make recommendations regarding repairs or replacement when your disposal won’t turn on.

The Disposal Jams

If you put too much food into your disposal, it could jam. If you put the wrong food into the disposal, it can also jam. Potato peels are notorious for jamming garbage disposals. Additionally, a disposal with dull blades can stop up because the food particles aren’t getting chopped up correctly. If you find that your disposal is jammed, a professional might be able to fix the problem with a simple repair. This might involve removing any food that’s jamming it or replacing any dull blades that are no longer doing their job.

There’s a Nasty Odor

Rotting food has a tendency to smell over time. A disposal that’s not doing its job could start to have food settle in it. When a garbage disposal fails to do what it’s designed to do, you might start to smell an unpleasant odor coming from your sink. If you find that this is the case in your kitchen, you should contact a professional to check out whether your disposal is taking care of the food that you’re feeding it.

If your disposal fails to work as advertised, you’ll want to contact Dave’s Appliance Service to take care of any garbage disposal repair that might fix the problem. We serve Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin, and we’d love to help you get your garbage disposal in working order. The sooner you get your disposal fixed, the sooner your sink and dishwasher will operate as designed. Call (262) 253-2200 today.

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Photo by bradleypjohnson from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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