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5 Reasons Your Freezer Might Not Be Working Right

October 14th, 2021

Your freezer is an important part of your family’s health and safety. If you’re finding the food from your freezer has freezer burn, or isn’t properly frozen, you’ve got a problem. Likewise, if your freezer is leaking water, or has frost buildup, something is definitely wrong. In this post, we’ll describe some symptoms your freezer may be displaying, and the reasons for them.

Frost Buildup.
Frost buildup can be very annoying. It decreases storage space in your freezer, and it may trap odors, or encourage freezer burn. Frost buildup can indicate a number of issues. It may result from improper fridge position, poor seals, dirty coils, or clogged freezer drain.

Freezer Not Freezing.
If your food isn’t actually freezing, then you are at risk of illness, in addition to losing food. Check the coils. If they are clean, it may be a problem with the evaporator fan motor, or the starter may not be working right. Those issues will require one of the experts at Dave’s Appliance.

Freezer Runs Constantly.
If you’re hearing your freezer run all the time, then your freezer is working too hard. That is costing you money in the electricity used. Check the temperature setting; it may be too low. Otherwise, it could be the condenser fan motor or evaporator fan motor. Those repairs need the expertise of Dave’s Appliance.

Clicking Sound.
A clicking sound from your freezer means that you should call Dave’s Appliance. Almost certainly, it’s not something that can be easily rectified. It may be a malfunctioning starter relay, or it could indicate that coolant is not moving through the coils properly. In any event, it is an issue that requires professional attention.

Freezer Leaking Water. If it is only the freezer and not the refrigerator that is leaking water, it is probably a clogged or frozen defrost drain. You can remove the cover to expose the freezer drain and check if there is an obvious clog. If so, extract it. If the drain is frozen, you can choose whether or not to deal with it yourself.

Frozen Defrost Drain. If you’re uncomfortable removing freezer covers to expose the defrost drain, or are worried about what you may find once you do, just call Dave’s Appliance. In addition to the typical issues with the defrost drain outlined above, there’s the possibility that the drain strap may have fallen off or deteriorated. If so, Dave’s Appliance can fix or replace it.

All of these problems are symptoms of an underlying issue. Here are five reasons your freezer might not be working right.

1.Refrigerator position. The refrigerator needs to be positioned away from the wall slightly to allow enough room for the air to circulate. The heat from the compressor needs to have sufficient room to dissipate.

2.Temperature. Sometimes the temperature setting becomes inadvertently moved. Your freezer should be set to 0º to keep food properly frozen. It’s a good idea to keep a thermometer in your freezer to monitor the temperature.

3.Freezer door seals. The seals of the freezer should be clean and in good repair. Simply use soapy water and then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to maintain the seals.

4.Coils. The condenser coils can become dirty and dusty. Use a vacuum to clean the debris off.

5.Defrost drain. The defrost drain may become clogged or frozen. To deal with this situation, unplug the refrigerator and remove freezer covers so you can get at the drain. Then pour hot water down the drain until it is dripping into the drain pan under the refrigerator. That will deal with any ice, and may dislodge a clog. If necessary, use soapy water with some ammonia.

You don’t want to take chances with your family’s health. If you have any concerns, call the experts at Dave’s Appliance, and we’ll be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

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Is Your Appliance Worth Repairing?

May 13th, 2021

Appliances help us keep our lives on track. Where would we be without our refrigerator/freezer, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and garbage disposal? When any one of these stops functioning, it can quickly turn from an inconvenience into a disaster. Your immediate impulse might be to replace the appliance that is broken. But is that always the right option? Here is a quick guide to help you decide whether your appliance is worth repairing.

How Much Would It Cost?

Generally, the larger the appliance the costlier it is. So if your stove breaks, you’re looking at a major investment to buy a new one. But if your microwave goes, you can purchase one for under $75. Consumer Reports advises that if the cost to repair your appliance is greater than half the cost of a new one, it makes sense to replace it. Obviously you won’t know how much the repair would cost without consulting an appliance repair service. At Dave’s Appliance, our experts can diagnose your appliance’s problem and give you an estimate for the repair. With all of that information, you can make an informed decision.

Which Appliance Is it?

Other than cost, you have to consider how much you value your current appliance. Your refrigerator/freezer may have external ice and water dispensers, pull-out shelving, and other features you really appreciate. Your washer and dryer may fit just perfectly into the space in your utility room. Maybe you love to cook and bake and your stove suits you perfectly. It might even be that your appliances coordinate with your decor. These are definitely legitimate reasons to hesitate about replacing them when they break. Again, a visit from one of the friendly members of Dave’s Appliance team will help you understand the extent of your problem.

How Old Is It and Is It Still Under Warranty?

Major appliances like refrigerators or chest freezers often last from 10 to 20 years. Other appliances like trash compactors have an average life span of about 6 years. Most appliances also come with warranties, and often those can be extended if you choose to do so. When an appliance breaks down, it would be a good idea to find out if its warranty is still in force. If it’s not, check to see what the average life span is for your brand of that particular appliance.

What’s The Environmental Impact?

Often, the environmental impact of repairing or replacing isn’t considered at all. But perhaps you should think about it. If your appliance is old and inefficient, it may be using a lot of electricity. That’s bad for the environment and bad for your utility bills. If your appliance was made after 1992, it should have an Energy Star Rating to let you know how efficient it is. You can compare it to current appliances’ efficiency. On the other hand, your old appliance can’t just be thrown out. Major household appliances are banned from landfills in Wisconsin and the state urges that they be reused or recycled. In many places in Wisconsin, appliances are not picked up at the curb with other recyclables, nor are they accepted at many general recycling drop-off sites. It may be the more environmentally-responsible choice to repair rather than replace.

Whatever your appliance concern, the experts at Dave’s Appliance will be able to tell you what the problem is and help you decide whether or not it’s worth repairing. Give us a call.

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Is it Worth Getting a Fridge/Freezer Repaired?

May 13th, 2021

Your refrigerator/freezer unit is a major appliance, and therefore a major investment. And it’s also a major problem when it breaks down. After all, you can’t have all the food in your fridge/freezer spoiling, so it feels pretty desperate when it stops working. Contact the professionals at Dave’s Appliance to get a quick diagnosis of the problem. Once you know what’s wrong, you can consider which course of action to take, repair or replacement. Here’s a brief guide.

Fluctuating Temperature

The food in your fridge isn’t cool enough and you’re finding that it spoils much too soon. Maybe the ice cream in your freezer is always soft serve. That’s not good. On the other hand, you might find your milk with frozen shards in it and your ice cream requires a chisel to extract it from the container. Fluctuating temperatures can be a really small problem, or they can be a really big one. The problem might be as minor as the thermostat getting bumped. Make sure that no family members are trying to “fix” the problem by repeatedly resetting the temperature. Even if the thermostat itself is broken, that’s a relatively minor repair. At the other end of the spectrum, fluctuating temperature may indicate a problem with the compressor or motor. The experts at Dave’s Appliance will be able to get to the source of the issue, and can let you know if it’s worth repairing your fridge/freezer.

Water On The Floor

Water on the floor by your refrigerator might indicate a big issue with your appliance, and even if it doesn’t, it’s a safety hazard for you and your family. You don’t want anybody slipping on the water and getting injured. It doesn’t necessarily mean a costly repair, however. It might be that the doors aren’t shutting properly, possibly due to a faulty latch; the seals could be the culprit. The water could be coming from the accumulated condensation within the unit not draining as it should. It could be that the hoses that go from the compressor to the drip pan are cracked and leaking–an easy, inexpensive fix. It might be that the drip pan itself is broken. Again, that’s not a big deal. It’s important to find out the exact cause of the problem, though, and Dave’s Appliance can help you there.

Loud Motor/Funny Noises

All refrigerator/freezers make some noise. The motor needs to come on to run the condenser. If you’re hearing your refrigerator running continuously, that could indicate something seriously wrong. You should call one of the experts at Dave’s Appliance to find out more. Likewise, if you’re hearing your refrigerator running loudly when you’re not even in the kitchen, that’s another good indicator of a significant issue. Someone from Dave’s Appliance team can diagnose the problem and let you know whether or not you should repair it.

Age and Efficiency

Other factors that you should consider are the age and efficiency of your unit. If you have a refrigerator that was made before 1992, it won’t even have an energy efficiency rating and you can bet that it’s costing you more in electricity than it should. Otherwise, your unit should have an Energy Star rating. You can compare it with current ones and make an informed decision. The kind of fridge/freezer you have also has an impact on how long it lasts. It varies by design and by brand. The general rule of thumb is that if it is over 5 years old, you should investigate the average lifespan of your particular unit. Of course, if your fridge/freezer is under warranty, you should certainly get it fixed.

When your fridge/freezer isn’t working as it should, call Dave’s Appliance and make sure you know exactly what is wrong. Once you do, you can make an informed decision about whether you should repair it or replace it.

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Freezer Not Working, But Fridge is Fine?

August 4th, 2020

When you have a refrigerator/freezer unit and the freezer doesn’t seem to be working right, but the fridge is fine, it can be more than a little annoying. There are a number of issues that could be causing this problem. Some of them you can deal with yourself; for the others, you can call in the experts at Dave’s Appliance. For some of them, you must call in the experts due to federal regulations.

Invisible Ice

You’re probably aware that your fridge can’t be pushed right up against a wall, because there needs to be space around the condenser. What many people don’t know is that there also needs to be space in your refrigerator between the refrigeration and freezing sections to allow air to circulate. Sometimes ice can accumulate in places between the two, and it doesn’t get noticed until it’s really created a problem. This is especially true if the door hasn’t been shut properly and humidity causes an ice build up. To fix this problem, search for the hidden ice and remove. Alternatively, you can defrost the whole fridge.

Ice Maker Issue

If your freezer has an ice maker installed and you’re not using it, it needs to be disconnected. If it’s not turned off, the icemaker will continue to run through its cycles even though there’s no water. Problems arise because it goes through its cycles really quickly and every time it does, the heater under the ice maker tray is activated. So anything that is close to the ice maker will thaw. This also causes a buzzing sound, when it’s trying to get water. This is water valve noise, not to be confused with the buzzing from the compressor. If this is your issue, the solution is simple: disconnect the ice maker, and make sure it stays switched off.

Compressor Problem

Your compressor should hum along happily, but sometimes it goes in fits and starts. When your compressor doesn’t run long enough, it can mean that the freezer never gets cold enough. Some reasons for intermittent compressor function include: overheating, bad relays, or broken motor. You can determine whether the issue is the compressor by feel. If it’s really hot or makes an odd noise (like clicking or buzzing), then it’s probably the culprit. Knowing that doesn’t get to the fix the problem, though. This would be the time to call in the experts at Dave’s Appliance. We can figure out the cause and fix it.

Low Freon

A low freon charge can cause the evaporator to be cool but not cold enough to freeze. That would lead to the evaporator inside the freezer not frosting over completely. You can check if this might be the issue by removing the back panel inside your freezer to see what the coils look like. If only a portion of the coils are frosted, or if you see a large clump of ice in one of the corners, then you have a freon problem. You could have a leak, or may simply need a recharge. In any event, this isn’t a repair you can do. You need to call the professionals at Dave’s Appliance. We have the EPA licensing required to deal with the issue.

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3 Signs That Your Freezer Might Need Repairing

August 13th, 2019

freezer needing repair

This freezer might need repair

Freezers are usually extremely reliable. This is true for combination refrigerator-freezers as well as for stand-alone units. They perform their job well with little maintenance and can last 12 to as long as 20 years. However, no machine lasts forever. From time to time, you may notice signs that your freezer needs repair. Here are three of those signs:

1. Your food is spoiling


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Signs That Indicate Your Freezer Needs Attention

May 8th, 2018

freezer catFreezers are a nearly indispen­sable part of our lives. It is hard to imagine how people used to live without freezers. This appliance allows you to purchase food items well in advance and to store them until you are ready to use them. When your freezer is not working correctly, it can cause food spoilage and energy bill spikes. You might also be forced to replace your freezer if you do not get it repaired promptly, making it important for you to get help when there are signs that your freezer needs to be repaired. When your freezer is exhibiting the following signs, it is time for you to schedule your freezer repair service in Milwaukee. (more…)

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Signs Your Refrigerator Might Need a Repair

January 25th, 2018

old toy car and refrigeratorIf you are like many people, you don’t give your refrigerator a second thought and take for granted that it will always do its job. That mistake, though, can cause a range of problems that you will want to avoid. Allowing your refrigerator to fall into disrepair can put you at risk for food poisoning, but it can also affect your energy bill. A refrigerator repair is what you need.

Knowing the red flags for which you can look will allow you to catch issues in the early stages, and you won’t need to worry about unexpected complications catching you off guard. When you notice that something is wrong and don’t want to take chances, calling a refrigerator repair service will help. (more…)

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5 Tips on Keeping Your Refrigerator in a Garage

October 2nd, 2017

upright freezerA refrigerator is one appliance that you’re likely to find in every home. While most people prefer to keep it in the kitchen, a refrigerator or a freezer can be placed in a garage especially if you’re using the space as an extension of your living area. However, special consideration must be made during winter to ensure it’s working efficiently. Here are five tips on how to keep a refrigerator or freezer in a garage: (more…)

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Clean Your Appliances With an Earth-Friendly Attitude

June 17th, 2016

Sunrise In SpaceAs you walk down the aisle in nearly any grocery store, you’re greeted by high-priced cleaners that have every chemical mixture possible. Although these chemical combinations are effective, they’re not necessarily good for the Earth. Take a close look at some of the ways that you can clean those appliances without relying on chemicals. The Earth and your health will thank you in the end.

Open the Refrigerator’s Door

You may place a baking-soda container in your refrigerator so that odors are neutralized, but it doesn’t scrub the interior walls for you. Grab a spray bottle, and add an equal amount of water and vinegar to it. Shake up the mixture and scrub. Vinegar is very acidic, and it kills off germs and fungus with a very low concentration. Use a soft rag during your scrubbing process in order to protect the refrigerator’s walls from any scratches. (more…)

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How to Recognize if Your Refrigerator or Freezer is in Need of Repair

December 2nd, 2013

Home appliance repairs can be expensive. Before calling in the repairman, how can you be sure your appliances needs a fix? Here are some signs that your refrigerator or freezer may need repair.

Probably the first and most obvious way to know if your refrigerator or freezer needs repair is to listen to it. If there are unusual sounds, clunks, clanks, or screeching coming from your appliance, that is a good indicator that it needs to be checked out.


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