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Signs That Indicate Your Freezer Needs Attention

freezer catFreezers are a nearly indispen­sable part of our lives. It is hard to imagine how people used to live without freezers. This appliance allows you to purchase food items well in advance and to store them until you are ready to use them. When your freezer is not working correctly, it can cause food spoilage and energy bill spikes. You might also be forced to replace your freezer if you do not get it repaired promptly, making it important for you to get help when there are signs that your freezer needs to be repaired. When your freezer is exhibiting the following signs, it is time for you to schedule your freezer repair service in Milwaukee.

1. Your Freezer Isn’t Freezing Well

If your freezer does not seem to be freezing your food very well, it may be time to call in an expert. Signs that your freezer is not doing its job include water that is pooling inside, food that is only partially frozen or the buildup of frost. This problem may require an expert to determine what is causing the problem so that it can be fixed. This issue might be caused by a faulty thermostat, a leak in the icemaker’s supply hose, a clogged drain or a failing compressor. A freezer repair professional can determine what is wrong and fix it for you.

2. Your Freezer’s Motor Constantly Runs

The motor that powers your freezer should turn on and off intermittently so that it can maintain its temperature. If you notice that the motor is constantly running, your freezer likely has a problem that requires immediate attention. A freezer that has a motor that runs all the time is working too hard to compensate for its underlying problem. By having it repaired by a professional, you might be able to extend the life of your freezer and help it to function properly.

3. Strange Sounds Are Coming From Your Freezer

If your freezer is making strange sounds, you should call a repair professional. Thumping sounds could be signs that your compressor is going out. If you hear squealing sounds, your freezer fan might need to be replaced. An appliance repair expert can diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

4. You Notice Sudden Increases in Your Utility Bills

Your freezer is an appliance that is working 365 days per year and 24 hours per day and is generally reliable. However, when it is not working properly, you may see a corresponding spike in your energy bills. If your thermostat is not working correctly, it may cause your freezer to run constantly. This will require your freezer to use more electricity, resulting in higher bills. Getting your freezer issues fixed can help you to save money on your energy bills and allow you to get more life out of it.

Freezers that do not freeze well, have pooled water or frost, are making strange sounds, or are causing higher energy bills are all indications that you need a freezer repair service like Dave’s Appliance Repair. Getting expert help is important to lengthen the life of your freezer. If you attempt to repair it yourself, you may accidentally make the problem worse. Hiring a professional can help you to save money while getting the job done right. If you have noticed any of these signs that your freezer, or refrigerator, is having issues, it is a smart choice to contact an appliance repair expert as soon as possible before the problems grow worse. Call Dave’s today at (262) 253-2200.

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Photo by Karen Blaha from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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