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Five Signs Your Garbage Disposal May Need Repair

food waste disposerYour garbage disposal provides you with added convenience when getting rid of organic waste materials inside your home. Making sure this important appliance is performing properly can save you time and trouble when dealing with everyday kitchen tasks. If your disposal is not working correctly, consulting with a company that offers disposal repair in Milwaukee can be a solid step toward resolving issues and restoring full functionality to an important component of your kitchen. Here are some important signs that your garbage disposal may need repair:

1. Loud Noises During Operation

If your garbage disposal makes loud clanging, grinding or metallic sounds during normal use, it could be a sign of something trapped in the blades or a serious malfunction of the motor or other component. Scheduling an appointment for disposal repair in Milwaukee can ensure that these issues are resolved quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

2. Frequent Clogs

Backups and standing water can be a sign that your garbage disposal is no longer functioning at peak efficiency. A visit from a qualified repair technician can provide you with an exact diagnosis for your disposal and a reliable recommendation about repair, replacement or necessary upgrades to restore performance for this essential kitchen appliance.

3. Leaking Water

Water seeping from your garbage disposal can cause serious damage to your cabinets and flooring. Left unaddressed, this issue could even allow for a buildup of mold inside your Milwaukee home. Consulting with a qualified professional can be your best bet in addressing these problems and ensuring the highest degree of performance for your garbage disposal unit.

4. No Power or Frequent Need for Resets

Loss of power or a repeated need to push the reset button to restart your unit could indicate that your garbage disposal is too small or too worn out to handle everyday loads. Your motor may also have an electrical short or other fault that could present real risks for you and your family. These issues require the services of a professional technician offering disposal repair in Milwaukee.

5. Persistent Odors

Occasional bad smells emanating from your garbage disposal or drain can sometimes be eliminated by running a box of baking soda through this appliance. If odors persist or worsen, however, you may need the help of a professional to identify the source of the smell and to resolve it for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

At Dave’s Appliance Service, we take pride in offering you comprehensive repair services for all common household appliances. We are family-owned and operated with proven experience and a reputation for quality in the Milwaukee area. If you are currently experiencing issues with your garbage disposal or any other appliance, call us today at 262-253-2200, 414-358-0007 or 262-783-5700. We look forward to the chance to serve you and your family now and in the future.

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