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No More Gas Stoves? Cities are Proposing Natural Gas Bans

December 3rd, 2019

Gas stoves come with a variety of negatives. Bringing a gas line into a new build increases the cost by $2000 to $5000, and that’s just the beginning. Gas stoves are more dangerous, with a likelihood of gas leaks, and increased possibility of fire. Cooking on gas stoves can cause high levels of indoor air pollution, including nitrogen dioxide, and natural gas lines leak methane directly into the atmosphere.* They are much more inefficient than electric stoves as well.

Gas Stove Bans

For all these reasons, a number of cities are taking steps to decrease the number of gas stoves in homes and buildings. In fact, on July 19, 2019, the City of Berkeley passed a ban on gas stoves for all new single-family homes, townhouses, and small apartment buildings beginning January 1, 2020. And other cities in California, Washington, and Massachusetts are considering bans or limits on use of natural gas in homes and buildings.*

Benefits of Electric Stove

  • Incentives. Even without actual gas stove bans, consumers can expect regulatory and financial incentives to choose electric stoves.
  • Efficiency. Electric stoves are much more energy efficient than gas ones. Seventy-four percent of the energy produced on an electric range is transferred to food compared to 40% for a gas stove. With an induction range, the efficiency rises to 90%! Induction ranges transfer heat through electromagnetism into conductive cookware (any cookware that contains iron is induction capable).
  • Safety. The benefits of electric stoves continue with increased safety and diminished risk of fire. No possibility of gas leaks, and no open flames to catch fire.
  • Installation. Electric stoves are simple to install—just plug it in (though some may need a 240 volt outlet).
  • Cleaning. They are also easy to keep clean, especially those with a glass or ceramic cooktop. With the traditional electric stove, the ring burners can be removed and the burner pans washed. Simply wipe down the glass or ceramic cooktops with a wet cloth and some dishwashing liquid once it is cool.
  • Repair. Electric stove repair is often as simple as replacement of a heating element. Depending on whether it is a range element or a baking element, it may be done without even needing to call an appliance repairman. When your electric stove isn’t functioning properly, an experienced appliance repairman like those at Dave’s Appliance can quickly and easily diagnose the problem and fix it. Electric stove repairs are much less costly and the disruption to your family life is minimal.

With the benefits of electric stoves so apparent, and the trend toward banning or restricting gas stoves, consumers have a clear choice.
*KQED Science 9/24/2019

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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Stove Top

December 3rd, 2019

When you invest in a major appliance, you want to keep it in peak working condition. The best way to do that with a stove is to clean it often. In this post, we will look at how to clean your stove top, whether it is a traditional electric range or a glass or ceramic stove top. We will also explore self-cleaning ovens and how best to use them.

  • Prevent stuck-on spills. The best way to clean your stove top is to avoid having to do so. Use deep saucepans so that the probability of boil over is slight. If putting a lid on the saucepan, use one with a vent, or leave it partially off so steam can escape. When the inevitable spill does occur, wipe it up quickly with a warm, soapy cloth.
  • Avoid Abrasives. If it is impossible to clean a spill right away, you are confronted with a cooked on spill. Use a sponge with dishwashing liquid and warm water, or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and warm water to clean it. You will be tempted to use a powder abrasive; do not succumb! Abrasives will create tiny scratches in the surface of the stove top and the next spill will cling to these and make it even harder to remove them.
  • Clean Stove Parts. Periodically, it is a good idea to clean the burner drip pans and knobs. If the owner’s manual says that they are dishwasher safe, use that. Otherwise, hot soapy water works just fine. If the drip pans become dingy, just replace them. They are readily available in any hardware store and are inexpensive. If your stove doesn’t have a sealed cooktop, lift it up and clean underneath. Food and grease tend to accumulate there and a 50/50 vinegar water solution can clean it easily.
  • Beware of Short Circuit Possibilities. Never wash the burner element itself. That can cause a short and you could find yourself with a nonfunctional range. Also, don’t spray around the knobs; they lead to electrical controls and a squirt could cause a short. Instead, squirt a rag or paper towel and use that to wipe them down. If you have a traditional electric range, refrain from wrapping the drip pans in aluminum foil. While that may make them easier to clean, the foil could cause the heating element to short circuit.
  • Self-cleaning Ovens. Maintaining the efficiency of your stove as a whole means that you should pay attention to the oven. Keeping the oven clean is the best way to do that. However, if you have a self-cleaning oven, using that feature may not be the best idea. Self-cleaning ovens are designed to incinerate food debris by increasing the temperatures in the oven to 900º to 1000º. Not only does this take a long time (from 2 to 4½ hours), it creates a nasty odor and fumes that can be toxic. It’s best to use hot, soapy water and a plastic scrub pad to clean your oven. Clean the window with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda. If it is really dingy, wipe the window with ammonia and let it stand for 30 minutes. Then scrape it off with a plastic tool.

Your oven is a major appliance that you use every single day. With proper care, it can last decades. These tips on how to clean your stove top and deal with a self-cleaning oven can extend the life of your appliance. With increased energy efficiency, it will be cheaper to run too.

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A Cook’s Best Friend: Signs Your Kitchen Stove Needs Repair

September 10th, 2019

kitchen stove repairWhether you are preparing a holiday meal or simply cooking dinner, your kitchen stove will prove to be a very valuable appliance. Although the average stove lasts for around 15 years, it may still require servicing along the way. Here a few key signs you need professional stove repair in Milwaukee.

Constant Gas Smell

A constant gas smell should always cause some concern. Aside from increasing the risk of a fire, a natural gas leak creates excess carbon monoxide. For these reasons, you should not wait to call a qualified Milwaukee stove repair technician. Fortunately, the root of the problem is likely something that can be easily fixed. Often, a burned-out pilot light will cause a gas smell. To be on the safe side, open a few windows until help arrives. (more…)

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Add Your Home Appliances to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 23rd, 2019

Spring cleaning woman on porch

Not just the porch! Appliances need spring cleaning too.

Springtime is an excellent time to clean your whole home. With fresh air blowing through your windows, you have an excellent opportunity to get rid of odors, dust and dirt that may have built up on your rugs, upholstery, hardwood floors and furniture. In addition, be sure to take your cleaning to the next level by including your home appliances on your spring cleaning checklist.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is probably filled with bits of food as well as hard water deposits from frequent use. Thoroughly clean the screens and filters on the bottom of the dishwasher and also wipe down the sprayer arms. You may even want to use a shop vac to get rid of food debris. For very difficult-to-remove lime or calcium deposits, consider cleaning with a commercial cleanser, such as CLR or Lime-Away. (more…)

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Stove Problems: Electric and Gas, Part 2

September 26th, 2018

gas stove flameGas Stove Problems

We covered Electric Stove Problems in our last blog post, but gas stoves can have problems too, and Dave’s Appliance Repair can help.

If you have a gas stove that won’t light properly, this section can help you find the reason. Only try fixing your problem if you have the training and equipment to do so without putting yourself or your property in danger. You can choose what path makes the most sense as soon as you find the source of your trouble, which does not need to take too long. (more…)

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Stove Problems: Electric and Gas, Part 1

September 11th, 2018

Hand approaches hot burner

Hand approaches red-hot burner on electric range with kettle in background.

If you live in Menomonee Falls or the surrounding area and have encountered problems with your stove, you are likely wondering how you can solve the issue so that you can cook your favorite meals again. You want to find and hire a local Menomonee Falls stove repair team that will have your back and give you the outcome you want.

When you reach out for help, the kind experts at Dave’s Appliance Service will look into the issue and come up with a fast solution that gets the job done right. We will have your stove running before you know it, and our professionals have the tools and skill to complete the project without stress, allowing you to put your worries to rest. Now, which kind of stove do you have? We’ll cover common Electric Stove Problems in this article. Come back again in a few weeks when we’ll tackle common Gas Stove Problems in Part 2. (more…)

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Signs Your Stove Might Need a Repair

May 21st, 2018

gas stoveIf you are concerned that your stove is not acting normal and want to know for sure, you are likely wondering where you should start. The appliances in your home can safely operate when they are in excellent condition, but issues can appear if your appliances experience problems.

In addition to causing safety concerns you don’t want to overlook, failing to repair your stove can also hurt your budget, which is an issue you can’t ignore if you value your health and bank account. Over time, small problems become progressively worse and require even more attention, so wasting time is never an option. If you want to avoid that trap and keep your stove at its best for as long as possible, learning the top red flags of trouble will get the job done. Contacting a stove repair team is the best way to prevent future problems and avoid costly repairs. (more…)

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Electric Stove Repair Guide

June 29th, 2017

electric stove burnerFor those who use electric stoves to cook, some problems can inhibit your cooking ability. While taking the necessary precautions when trying to troubleshoot, maintain or repair an electric stove is crucial, you’ll be able to diagnose most of the issues. Here’s a review of the most common electric stove issues:

Your electric stove won’t turn on

If you can’t turn your electric stove on, odds are the unit is not getting electricity. Making sure it’s properly plugged in should be your first step, and if it is, you probably have a defective outlet. Even so, it’s possible you have a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or severed cable. If none of the issues mentioned above is to blame, contact an electric stove repair company. (more…)

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Gas Stove Repair Guide

June 13th, 2017

gas stove flameFor those who use gas stoves to cook, several issues can keep you from cooking. Fortunately, troubleshooting takes a few minutes. However, taking the necessary precautions is a must when trying to troubleshoot, maintain or repair a gas stove. The most common gas stove problems include:

The surface burner just won’t light

It’s common for gas stove owners to complain about surface burners that won’t light. The most likely culprits include clogged burner portholes or a defective ignition switch. Even so, you’ll want to confirm that your gas stove is correctly plugged in if it features an electric igniter. If the power is on and your circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped, a plugged-in gas stove that features an electric igniter is supposed to click repeatedly when the dial is set to light. If the stove does not produce a click, your ignition switch has probably malfunctioned. You should smell the gas if there’s a click but no flame, and if you don’t, then you probably have a gas flow issue. Either way, calling in a professional is the best option. (more…)

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Natural Cleaning Products to Clean Your Appliances

January 10th, 2017

baking soda can keep your appliances cleanWould you like to reduce the number of harsh chemicals you use in your home? Doing so is inexpensive and simple. Consider these appliance cleaning tips that use safe, natural ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Clean Just About Anything

For a safe and effective all-purpose household cleaner, combine the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

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