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No More Gas Stoves? Cities are Proposing Natural Gas Bans

Gas stoves come with a variety of negatives. Bringing a gas line into a new build increases the cost by $2000 to $5000, and that’s just the beginning. Gas stoves are more dangerous, with a likelihood of gas leaks, and increased possibility of fire. Cooking on gas stoves can cause high levels of indoor air pollution, including nitrogen dioxide, and natural gas lines leak methane directly into the atmosphere.* They are much more inefficient than electric stoves as well.

Gas Stove Bans

For all these reasons, a number of cities are taking steps to decrease the number of gas stoves in homes and buildings. In fact, on July 19, 2019, the City of Berkeley passed a ban on gas stoves for all new single-family homes, townhouses, and small apartment buildings beginning January 1, 2020. And other cities in California, Washington, and Massachusetts are considering bans or limits on use of natural gas in homes and buildings.*

Benefits of Electric Stove

  • Incentives. Even without actual gas stove bans, consumers can expect regulatory and financial incentives to choose electric stoves.
  • Efficiency. Electric stoves are much more energy efficient than gas ones. Seventy-four percent of the energy produced on an electric range is transferred to food compared to 40% for a gas stove. With an induction range, the efficiency rises to 90%! Induction ranges transfer heat through electromagnetism into conductive cookware (any cookware that contains iron is induction capable).
  • Safety. The benefits of electric stoves continue with increased safety and diminished risk of fire. No possibility of gas leaks, and no open flames to catch fire.
  • Installation. Electric stoves are simple to install—just plug it in (though some may need a 240 volt outlet).
  • Cleaning. They are also easy to keep clean, especially those with a glass or ceramic cooktop. With the traditional electric stove, the ring burners can be removed and the burner pans washed. Simply wipe down the glass or ceramic cooktops with a wet cloth and some dishwashing liquid once it is cool.
  • Repair. Electric stove repair is often as simple as replacement of a heating element. Depending on whether it is a range element or a baking element, it may be done without even needing to call an appliance repairman. When your electric stove isn’t functioning properly, an experienced appliance repairman like those at Dave’s Appliance can quickly and easily diagnose the problem and fix it. Electric stove repairs are much less costly and the disruption to your family life is minimal.

With the benefits of electric stoves so apparent, and the trend toward banning or restricting gas stoves, consumers have a clear choice.
*KQED Science 9/24/2019

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