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Garbage Disposal Repair

A kitchen without a working garbage disposal is a kitchen with serious problems. Garbage stored in a kitchen trash can creates odors, draws insects, and makes a welcoming environment for mold and bacteria. These are just a few examples of what generates a need for garbage disposal repair. Your disposal grinds everything into tiny pieces and flushes them into the sewer or septic system where nature can take its course.

Many modern conveniences are blamed for causing pollution, but garbage disposals actually help the environment. Since the waste doesn’t go into the trash, it reduces the burden on landfills and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

As effective as these machines are, they do need a little care. Don’t overload the garbage disposal. Run cold water while using it, and keep the water running for a minute afterward to flush out any remaining debris. If bones or any other hard objects fall in, remove them with tongs. Never put your fingers inside a garbage disposal.

The garbage disposal is your best friend when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean and sanitary. When you need garbage disposal repair, give Dave’s Appliance Service a call. We have you covered from Frigidaire to Whirlpool.

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