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Washer Won’t Drain?
How to Fix a Washer that Won’t Drain

December 3rd, 2019

If you reach into your washer expecting to take out damp clothes and instead find sopping wet clothes, you have a problem. When your washer won’t drain properly, something needs to be done quickly. We all know how fast dirty laundry can pile up! Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why a washer won’t drain and how to deal with them.

Before doing anything to your washing machine, it is vital that you turn off the electricity to the machine, either by unplugging it or flipping the appropriate circuit breaker. Obviously, if there is standing water in the tub of the washer, you will need to bail that out as well.

Clogged Hose

The hose that carries the water from the back of the washer to the drain may be clogged. It could be as simple as a kink in the hose; sometimes when the washer is pushed too close to the wall, the exterior hose becomes jammed or kinked and the water cannot flow out freely. In that case, the solution is simple: move the washer away from the wall and make sure the water can move through the hose. If there are no apparent kinks in the hose, there may be a clog somewhere. In that case, you will need to disconnect the hose, find the obstruction, and remove it. Have a bucket handy when you disconnect the hose for excess water. Then shine a flashlight into the hose to determine where the clog is. If it is beyond easy reach, use tongs, and if it is too deep for that to work, take the hose outside and try using a garden hose. The force of the water may dislodge the obstruction. Then reconnect the hose to the machine, and run a quick cycle to determine if the problem is completely eliminated.

Clogged Drain

If the hose is not the problem, then the reason a washer won’t drain may be the drain. This would also be a relatively simple repair. The drain is the likely culprit is there is water on the floor, or remaining in the tub. Use a plumber’s snake to clean out the drain. Hopefully, that will clear any obstruction. Again, run a short cycle to see if the problem is fixed.

Damaged Pump

When a washer won’t drain, there may well be an issue with the pump. If so, that is a more difficult repair to do on your own. You may want to call one of the experts at Dave’s Appliance. Different washing machine manufacturers have different kinds of pumps located in different places in the machine. Perhaps the screen on the pump is just too full of debris. In that case, the screen can be removed, cleaned, and replaced, and that will solve the problem. It may be a problem with the fan blades, or with the casing of the pump; if so, you may need a new pump.

One of the best ways to avoid a washer that won’t drain is to be vigilant about emptying pockets before washing. Coins and other small objects can get caught in the pump or other washer components, causing draining difficulties. If you hear unusual noises during a wash cycle, it may be a forgotten item banging around in the tub. If you have a top-loading machine, interrupt the cycle and take out the object before it can create any draining problems.

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Ignore These 6 Washing Machine Repair Warning Signs and You’ll Be at the Laundromat

May 23rd, 2019

washing machine repairThe washing machine is one of modern society’s greatest conveniences. It’s an appliance that you probably take for granted until it fails to work one day. Getting a long life from your washing machine is easy. Your washing machine has several components that must work together seamlessly, and those parts will eventually wear out or stop working properly if regular maintenance isn’t done on the machine. Here are six warning signs that your washing machine needs repairs:

#1 Drum Doesn’t Fill with Water

No, your washing machine didn’t turn into a high-efficiency (HE) appliance since your last load of laundry. Although HE washers are designed to use less water than regular washing machines, your conventional washing machine’s drum must have an adequate amount of water to thoroughly clean your clothes. A washer that has a blockage will have no water or a low amount of water in its drum. A reputable washer repair technician has the tools and skills to inspect, clean, and fix washer hoses, pipes, and filters. (more…)

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Add Your Home Appliances to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 23rd, 2019

Spring cleaning woman on porch

Not just the porch! Appliances need spring cleaning too.

Springtime is an excellent time to clean your whole home. With fresh air blowing through your windows, you have an excellent opportunity to get rid of odors, dust and dirt that may have built up on your rugs, upholstery, hardwood floors and furniture. In addition, be sure to take your cleaning to the next level by including your home appliances on your spring cleaning checklist.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is probably filled with bits of food as well as hard water deposits from frequent use. Thoroughly clean the screens and filters on the bottom of the dishwasher and also wipe down the sprayer arms. You may even want to use a shop vac to get rid of food debris. For very difficult-to-remove lime or calcium deposits, consider cleaning with a commercial cleanser, such as CLR or Lime-Away. (more…)

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Is Your Detergent Ruining Your Washing Machine?

April 8th, 2019

washing detergent soap bubblesEveryone wants clean clothes. Some individuals believe that using extra soap will ensure that the job is accomplished. Unfortunately, this is quite the opposite. If you are using too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent, you may be ruining your clothes and causing damage to your machine. To avoid the need for washing machine repair, here are some useful tips for picking a detergent and using the correct amount. (more…)

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The Right Detergent for Your Washing Machine

December 13th, 2018

laundry detergent on grocery shelfIf you would like to get the most from your washing machine and keep it in great shape for years to come, you need to follow the right steps and have some tips in mind. Not using the right washing machine detergent can cost you money on your energy bill or even result in costly washing machine repair fees. This guide reviews the types of detergents from which you can choose and points you toward the correct path.

High-Efficiency Detergents

High-efficiency washing machines use less water than standard washing machines and require high-efficiency detergents. Standard laundry detergents produce a lot of bubbles and foam that require plenty of water to wash away. If you have a high-efficiency washing machine and use standard detergents, you won’t get enough water to clear the foam. The foam can even overflow and damage your washer if you are not careful, and you will then need to hire a washing machine repair team. (more…)

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What are the Main Causes of an Unbalanced Washing Machine Load?

August 3rd, 2018

Top-loading washerAll appliances, especially washers and dryers, require regular maintenance to keep the machines working their best over the lives of the units. However, home appliances do break down from time to time, and the thoroughness of preventative maintenance plays a significant role in the longevity of these wonders of electromechanical technology.

A clothes washer is the most “mechanical” of all the appliances in the home. That said, they also perform an essential function in the normal flow of things to keep the home operating smoothly. From a homeowner’s perspective, going without a washer for only a day typically upsets the daily routine of washing clothes, and going to a laundromat is out of the question.

Let’s go over in detail about a problem that plagues every homeowner at one time or another. That problem is not knowing what to do when the washing machine goes off balance. There are several reasons behind the causes of that familiar loud and disturbing banging sound when the washer begins its spin cycle. The most common causes are listed below: (more…)

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It’s a Hot Summer For Your Appliances Too

July 3rd, 2018

hot sun and birdSummer is one of the most fun times of the year. Swimming, beach, warm weather, everything seems to be awesome. But there are those days where the heat is too much. Not just for you, your appliances can also get messed up with the extreme heat. The temperatures are only going to get hotter, with each year hitting new record heat levels. (more…)

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Four Signs Your Washing Machine May Need Repairs

February 14th, 2018

woman doing laundry with daughterYou depend on your washing machine to keep your clothes clean every week. If this essential appliance breaks down, calling a Milwaukee washing machine repair company is usually your best bet for repair. In some cases, you may have a few hints that your machine is about to break. Here are four of the most common warning signs that your washer may need repair soon: (more…)

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Signs Your Washing Machine Might Need a Repair

December 22nd, 2017

front loading washing machineIf you have placed your clothes in the washing machine and noticed a problem, you might be wondering if it’s time to get a washing machine repair service. Not everyone knows how to spot the signs of trouble when their appliances stop functioning correctly.

But you can look for a few red flags if you believe that your washing machine needs service. Not only can a faulty washing machine prevent you from cleaning your clothes, but it can also increase your water and energy consumption if you don’t get the issue under control. The following signs will let you know that you need to speak with a professional: (more…)

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Why Does My Washing Machine Smell Bad?

February 15th, 2017

loading washing machineOf all the major appliances now found in homes, the washing machine is one that we don’t want to be without. Although it’s typically tucked away out of view, it helps keep us looking good and smelling good.

Being able to wash your clothes at home means that you don’t spend time sitting in laundromats waiting for your clothes to wash. On the occasions when a washing machine can’t be used, the convenience of a washing machine becomes very evident. But, like any other appliance, sometimes things go wrong. (more…)

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