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6 Signs Your Washing Machine Is Broken

When your washing machine isn’t working right, it can make your whole life much more difficult. In this post, we’ll explore some common washing machine issues and what you can do about them.

Loud Noises

If it sounds like something is trying to break out of your washing machine, it needs immediate attention. Loud noises, particularly combined with machine movement, usually indicate an imbalanced load or a problem with the position of the washer drum. Open the lid of the washer to interrupt the cycle and try to rearrange the clothing inside. If that doesn’t fix the problem, call the experts at Dave’s Appliance. We’ll evaluate the drum and make any repairs necessary.

Drum Doesn’t Turn

If the drum doesn’t turn while the machine is in operation, the problem is one of two things. The most likely cause is an issue with the belt. It may be damaged, loose, or missing. The other possibility is that the lid sensor may be damaged. Either way, the friendly repair people at Dave’s Appliance will be able to fix it quickly.

Water Not Draining

Almost always, water in the drum is an indication that a small piece of clothing has gotten jammed into the drain line or associated hoses. If you can see the blockage and reach it, remove it, and it’s fixed. If you can’t see it, call Dave’s Appliance. While this is not a difficult repair, it does require specific tools and expertise in using them.

Leaking Water

Washing machines can leak from a variety of places. Usually, the leak comes from the drain line. If the problem is a loose drain line, your owners manual should be able to guide you through the repair. If it is the result of a crack in the hose pump or a poor seal on your washer drum, the experts at Dave’s Appliance will be able to assess and repair it quickly. If the leak comes from another area, we’ll be able to evaluate the problem and talk through all your options with you.

Door Won’t Unlock

Front-load washing machines are superior in many ways when compared to older top-load models; however, most front-load machines use computerized sensors to operate a door locking mechanism. If your door remains locked post-wash, it’s likely that the computer needs work or the washing machine door is obstructed—in some cases this problem can also arise in conjunction with a draining issue, as water present in the drum will keep the machine from allowing the door to open. No matter what the cause may be, this is a case for the professionals at Dave’s Appliance.

Washing Machine Trips Breakers

Today’s washing machines may be more efficient than the ones of even ten years ago, but they still demand a significant amount of power (an average of 500 watts). This means that electrical issues can cause breaker trips. If it happens once, then just flip the breaker and restart your machine. However, if it happens again, that indicates that there is an electrical issue that needs immediate attention. Call Dave’s Appliance and we’ll deal with it.

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