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Signs Your Stove Might Need a Repair

gas stoveIf you are concerned that your stove is not acting normal and want to know for sure, you are likely wondering where you should start. The appliances in your home can safely operate when they are in excellent condition, but issues can appear if your appliances experience problems.

In addition to causing safety concerns you don’t want to overlook, failing to repair your stove can also hurt your budget, which is an issue you can’t ignore if you value your health and bank account. Over time, small problems become progressively worse and require even more attention, so wasting time is never an option. If you want to avoid that trap and keep your stove at its best for as long as possible, learning the top red flags of trouble will get the job done. Contacting a stove repair team is the best way to prevent future problems and avoid costly repairs.

Electrical Issues

Look for signs of electrical issues if you have an electric stove and don’t want to run into any surprises down the road. Your stove might not turn on right away if something is wrong, or you could notice power fluctuations that get worse as time passes. If you spot one of these issues, your stove or outlet is having problems you can’t afford to overlook. Unplug your stove and contact a stove repair expert as soon as you suspect problems with your stove’s wiring. You will be glad you did because staying on the safe side is always the smart move in these situations.

Burner Problems

Pay attention to your stove’s burners if you suspect you have a problem on your hands. Some of your burners might not turn on right away when you turn the nob, but others could turn on but not get as hot as they should. Burners that turn on and heat up for a while but later shut off on their own can also signal that something is wrong. Even if everything else works correctly, you will still want to speak with a professional to ensure you are safe from harm.

Gas Smell

Although gas has no natural smell, gas companies add smell to it so that people can detect gas leaks before it’s too late. If you can smell gas before or after turning on your stove, don’t waste any time. Reach out to a trained expert right away so that you can safeguard yourself and have peace of mind.

Undercooked Food

If you have owned your stove for more than a few weeks, you know how long it should take to cook your favorite meals. Stoves that require more time than normal to cook food are a sign that you likely have issues you need to resolve. Whether your stove is gas or electric, longer cooking times mean it’s not getting enough power. No matter how tempting, don’t overlook this issue if you want to stay out of harm’s way. On one hand, the cause of the problem could be harmless, but it could also be a sign of danger. Rather than taking unneeded risks, call a professional to investigate.

Getting Help

You can find a range of stove repair companies when you research, but not all of them offer dependable results. Dave’s Appliance Service has been in the stove repair business since 1963 and we have built a solid reputation for getting the job done right. If we need to order parts and have to come back another day, you won’t get an additional charge for the second visit. We provide fast and reliable repair services that won’t leave you disappointed. Give us a call right away at (262) 253-2200, and we will gladly give you a hand and get your stove back in top shape.

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Photo by Joe Hall from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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