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What’s That Sound? Signs That Your Kitchen Appliance is Breaking Down

open-dishwasherWith three meals a day and special dinners created on the weekends, the kitchen is a hub of activity. You might operate three or four different kitchen appli­ances at once so that dinner is a resounding success. These appliances are constantly being used, but they’re often over­looked when it comes to maintenance. If you’re wondering if your kitchen appliance is failing, consider these simple observations that can confirm a breakdown. A serious failure could mean that a replacement is necessary.

Unusual Sounds

Any dishwasher repair professional will tell you that strange sounds from your kitchen appliances aren’t good. In fact, these sounds usually occur when a failure has already happened. Parts might be spinning loosely in an appliance where further damages are slowly occurring. Listen to your dishwasher, refrigerator and garbage disposal. Because you’re familiar with the normal sounds in your household, noticing new noises should be simple. Contact a professional when any sounds continue to ring out.

Mysterious Puddles Require Dishwasher Repair

When you see any water on the kitchen floor, it’s time to perform some investigating. It’s natural for a few water drops to be on the linoleum by the sink, but an entire puddle indicates an appliance issue. Try to follow the puddle so that you can narrow down the involved appliance. You’ll be able to explain the situation to a professional with that basic information.

Intermittent Operation

A refrigerator that seems to work only half of the day or a dishwasher that pauses mid-cycle are experiencing intermittent operations. There can be a variety of reasons for these issues that only a professional can sort out. Observe the problem, and then shut off the offending appliance. You don’t want any further parts to break or fail. After a professional verifies the problem, you’re welcome to use the appliance again with its normal operations intact.

Electrical Malfunctions

Appliance manufacturers insulate and strengthen their electrical cords and internal wiring when it comes to kitchen tools, but power issues can still arise. If an appliance seems to trigger a circuit breaker or even sparks appear at some point, shut off the appliance and call the professionals. A simple, frayed wire might be the problem, but it can create serious fire hazards if you continue to use the device.

Lack of Flames

A natural-gas stove is normally a reliable appliance, but it can develop issues. If you experience poor lighting or no sparks at all, turn off the gas. You don’t want to allow gas to spread into the kitchen without it igniting almost immediately by the stovetop’s components. Professionals may need to clean or replace the components so that you have a reliable flame once again.

Avoid a complete breakdown in the first place by hiring a reputable dishwasher repair person. The professionals at Dave’s Appliance can visit your home any time of the year, and they’ll give your kitchen appliances a tough inspection. Recommendations might range from parts replacements to basic cleanings. Try to incorporate these suggestions into your yearly maintenance plans. A pending failure can be avoided when maintenance is a priority in your household.

Photo by Bart Everson from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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