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Simple Tricks to Keep Your Appliances in Good Shape During the Winter

A modern kitchen needs maintenance from a Milwaukee microwave repair professional Looking outside at a cold winter day might encourage you to cuddle up on the couch, but there are household chores calling to you. However, completing any outdoor chore might be impossible right now. As an alternative, concentrate on your indoor appliances. These mechanical workhorses seem to go for months without any maintenance, but it’s critical to pay close attention to your washer, dryer, refrigerator and other appliances during the cold, winter months. Use some of these simple ideas to maintain your appliances and preserve their normal lifespans. Calling a Milwaukee microwave repair professional can go a long way in maintaining all of your appliances.

Pull the Refrigerator Out

Most refrigerators are nestled in a little nook within the kitchen. In fact, you may not see the refrigerator’s rear side at all. Take advantage of any extra time indoors by pulling the refrigerator out from the wall. Use a vacuum wand to remove any dust that has collected on the rear coils. As a result of your efforts, the refrigerator can operate better with less energy use.

Inspect Your Garage Appliances

If you have a freezer or extra refrigerator in the garage, take a close look at the hoses supplying water to them. Your garage’s temperature might dip dramatically during the winter months if it is not properly insulated. Inspect the appliances’ water hoses and connections for any cracks or stress. You may want to insulate your garage so that the appliances don’t have to operate under freezing conditions.

Check Those Exhaust Ports

Your indoor appliances have several exhaust ports. The kitchen, for example, has exhaust ports for the stove and microwave. In fact, your Milwaukee microwave repair professional may have pointed out these areas during previous appointments. Venture outside and clear away any obstructions to these exhaust ports. The kitchen and laundry room have these vents so circle around your property for a thorough evaluation. Ice and snow can quickly block these critical air pathways.

Vacuum Out the Dryer Lint

You may diligently remove the lint from your dryer, but some residual particles can still filter through and into the appliance. Using a long, vacuum extension, suck out all of these trapped particles that are just underneath the dryer filter. Don’t force the extension into the dryer either. Simply allow it to move around the interior walls so that you don’t damage any parts.

Clean the Washer’s Filter

Open the lid on your laundry washer, and locate the filter. In some models, the filter is along the edge or within the center agitator. Many people don’t realize that the washer has a filter, and it can become very dirty over time. By cleaning it out, you’ll notice less lint and hair sticking to your clean clothes. This cleaning process also reduces the amount of particles entering your plumbing that can clog it over time too.

From hiring a Milwaukee microwave repair professional to DIY projects, maintaining your appliances should be a top priority year-round. Take some time out during every season to clean and inspect your major appliances. Don’t wait until summer to get it fixed either. Fixing just one, small issue can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Photo by Emily May from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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