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Be Aware of the Signs Your Washing Machine Might Need a Repair

Modern home appliances give everyone a reason to smile about because of the convenience and efficiency they give. Your washing machine, most especially, allows you to have clean and fresh smelling clothes each day. So, whenever there are any signs of problems and they may need some kind of repair, you should have it checked by a reputable appliance service company. This way, you can prolong its existence and prevent a costly replacement.

Signs Your Washing Machine May Need To Be Repaired

• Washer makes unusual sounds.

This may be caused by an overloading of clothes or an improperly balanced load, which may cause strain to the motor, causing the tub to ricochet within the housing. If the noise continues even if the load is lighter and balanced, there is a problem with the motor. You need to contact a skilled appliance technician for washing machine repair.

• Water does not fill the drum.

There are different things that may cause this problem. There may be a clogged filter, a twist in the hose, delayed cycle or the cold and hot water faucets have not been turned on. If addressing these problems does not correct the issue, then this needs to be repaired by a professional.

• Even if water fills, it does not agitate.

Press the safety switch of the lid to see if the water will start. If it does not, just wait for a couple of minutes before starting it again. At times, the motor overload protector may stop the washer, but it will reset in a while. If it still fails to start, the belt may be broken or there may be an electronic failure or other internal failure. It is best to consult a certified repair technician for Milwaukee washing machine repair.

• The drum does not turn.

If the drum does not spin, it may be caused by a broken belt or faulty lid switch. While it is easy to replace the belt, the lid switch has to be replaced by a professional since it involves a great deal of work.

• Washer does not function.

First, check if the power cord for the washer is plugged in. If it still does not work, check the fuse box and breaker. Check if the fuse of the washer is okay and if the breaker trips or not. If it does and this happens often, it is best to contact a licensed electrician.


Like all other home appliances, washers and dryers go through wear and tear. They need to be well maintained in order to remain efficient. Once you notice the signs that tell you that they need immediate repair, these should be immediately addressed by consulting a professional. Otherwise, it may reach a point when it can no longer be repaired and it needs to be replaced.

Contact Dave’s Appliance Service, a Milwaukee washing machine repair company, at (262) 253-2200 for more information.

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