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Four Signs Your Washing Machine May Need Repairs

woman doing laundry with daughterYou depend on your washing machine to keep your clothes clean every week. If this essential appliance breaks down, calling a Milwaukee washing machine repair company is usually your best bet for repair. In some cases, you may have a few hints that your machine is about to break. Here are four of the most common warning signs that your washer may need repair soon:

1. Loud Noises

If your washing machine is making loud noises during operation, it may be a sign of a loose belt, an unbalanced drum or a broken drum or motor mount. Calling a professional to assess its condition and to determine the reason for the noise can help you to resolve these issues quickly and effectively. If the sound only occurs with larger loads, you may be able to re-balance clothes to reduce wobble during the spin cycle.

2. Failure to Drain

Generally, if water stays in your washing machine after a full wash-rinse-spin cycle, there may be an obstruction that is preventing water from draining properly. Checking your drain hose for any blockages or kinks can be a good first step toward determining the cause of the problem. If no obstructions are apparent, it may be a problem with the water pump that will require expert Milwaukee washing machine repair from an experienced professional.

3. No Spin Cycle

If your washer fills and drains properly but does not spin to remove water from the clothes, you may have a problem with a belt or switch inside your washer. This could also prevent agitation during the washing cycle, resulting in wet clothes that have not been cleaned properly. Problems with the agitator usually require the disassembly of the entire machine. As a result, these types of repairs are usually best left to the professionals.

4. Failure to Fill Properly

A blockage in the water supply hoses is a common culprit for washing machines that will not fill. Another item to check is the cutoff switch for the hot and cold-water supplies, which can sometimes be turned off by accident. If no obvious cause is found, it may be time to call for professional appliance repair services to resolve the issue and restore your washing machine to proper working order.

The experts at Dave’s Appliance Service can provide you with the most comprehensive Milwaukee washing machine repair services in our area. We work with you to determine the most cost-effective approach to all your repair needs and to help you restore your appliances to perfect working order. Call us today at 262-253-2200 to schedule a service appointment with us. At Dave’s Appliance Service, we take pride in offering the best services at the best prices for you and your family.

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