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Getting the Most Out Of an Internet Capable Refrigerator

internet capable refrigeratorTechnology has rapidly advanced over the past decade with no sign of slowing down. With the focus on the internet and internet capable devices such as smartphones and tablets, it should be no surprise that networked home appliances have worked their way into today’s market. Devices with internet capabilities include items such as coffee makers, microwaves, and, arguably one of the most useful, refrigerators.

Internet-enabled refrigerators offer an enormous range of features that vary slightly based on the model you select. The majority of models offer internet radio, memos, calendars, and social media usage on a high-quality screen, while others also include tracking of expiration dates, shopping list creation and syncing with EverNote, and searching for recipes through websites like Epicurious. On top of the additional up-front features that come with internet capabilities, there is also a slew of benefits offered with the technology that is not as clear at first.

A networked refrigerator can save plenty of money for the savvy customer. Consumers should take advantage of the LCD screens on most of these appliances by browsing recipes and, if offered, maintaining their fridge inventory and expiration dates. Certain models may recommend recipes based on ingredients inside, and others still may offer the ability to purchase groceries directly from the screen. When more networked appliances are introduced, such as an oven, the products may communicate with each other and work together to streamline the cooking process for you. For example, you may select a particular recipe based off of the ingredients in your fridge. Once you have chosen that recipe, your refrigerator may tell your oven important details like temperature and time, and then the oven can begin preheating for you.

Save on Refrigerator Repair

In the past, more features have often resulted in more problems. With the inclusion of internet access, however, appliance issues have become far easier to diagnose. The manufacturer can simplify the refrigerator repair process by sending a signal to the appliance which can respond with diagnostic details about what is not functioning properly. Technicians will be aware of the issue and necessary repairs before they arrive at the home, which saves the customer time and money. Certain models of refrigerators also include appliance monitoring to constantly evaluate for faults and notify the manufacturer if an issue arises.

The introduction of internet capable appliances and products has only just begun. They boast a significant amount of features and potential benefits, and certain products even remedy age-old issues such as refrigerator repair difficulty. Consumers interested in newer appliances should consider a networked solution to save time, money, and hassles associated with older models.

Photo by David Berkowitz, CC license.

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