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How Dishwasher Repair Services Save Time, Money, and Embarrassment

Real men like to load and unload the dishwasherAs the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, you’ll start to think of all the great recipes that you need to dust off for that special meal with family and friends. In addition to doing a lot of cooking, you plan to spend a great deal of time socializing with your dinner guests. You need a dishwasher that works. Strange noises coming from your dishwasher can be embarrassing! Now a dishwasher that won’t start, or a dishwasher that has corroded racks are just some signs that your handy kitchen appliance needs some care as soon as possible. If you’ve been relying on auxiliary dishwashers, also known as your kids, then it’s probably time that you invested in a more efficient, reliable, and convenient dishwashing solution. You can obtain this by either replacing or repairing your current dishwasher. Since paying for a brand-new dishwasher right before the holidays may not be in your budget, we’d like to share some dishwasher repair and maintenance tips that will have your machine running optimally for less money.

Rusty Dishwasher Racks

According to an article by the San Francisco Chronicle, a homeowner should consider repairing his or her dishwasher rather than replacing it when the main issue is of a cosmetic nature. Rusted dishwasher racks are one of the most common cosmetic issues that would cause you to want a new appliance. When your dishwasher was new, it came with stacked, metal dish racks that were covered with a vinyl coating. Manufacturers apply this durable coating to protect the metal from corrosion; the coating also safeguards your dishes from getting needlessly scratched when they touch the metal racks. Over time, the coating wears off, and the metal rusts.

Why Are Rusty Racks A Problem?

The unsightly appearance that greets you when you load and unload your dishwasher is not the only problem with rusty dishwasher racks. Corroded racks can streak your dishes with rust. Let’s face it. During the holiday season, your reputation as a cook and a host are on the line. You want to present your meals to your guests on dishes that are sparkling clean and not ones that look dirty even after they’ve been through the dishwasher cleaning cycle. Rusty racks also have the potential to cause more complex, mechanical problems. During hot water washes, rusty metal chips empty into the dishwasher’s drain. The small, corroded metal pieces often clog the appliance’s drain pump and cause water leaks. If left unchecked, this issue can render your dishwasher inoperable until it’s professional serviced.

How We Can Help

The factory-trained technicians at Dave’s Appliance Service have years of experience evaluating dishwasher repair solutions. If your dishwasher has rusty racks, we can repair the rusted parts or replace the racks completely. We typically recommend professional repairs for dishwasher racks that have a few rusted out areas. Racks that are almost completely rusted out or that have several rusted areas are candidates for replacement. Call Dave’s today at (262) 253-2200, and we’ll take care of it!

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Photo by Phyllis Buchanan from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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