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How To Tell Your If Dishwasher Is Malfunctioning

Dishwasher is malfunctioning

Dishwasher is malfunctioning

Why Your Dishwasher is Malfunctioning

For homes with large families, the dishwasher is a critical appliance to keep the kitchen functioning. Because it may run once a day, or even more, it will eventually need repair. At Dave’s Appliance Service, we know that you need a quality repair at a reasonable price. Examine it and if your dishwasher is malfunctioning or having issues you need to call us today for a consultation.

Leaks Water

A leaking dishwasher can potentially damage flooring and the surrounding cabinetry. Take a look under your dishwasher. If the appliance looks lopsided, your leak problem may have a simple cause. Leveling feet at the front of the dishwasher keep the appliance level for proper water drainage. If the feet become misaligned, however, the dishwasher leans and slowly leaks. We can level it for you or you may try your hand at turning the feet.

A hose crack or break is another cause of dishwasher leaks. Hoses attach at the back of the appliance, making them difficult to see to troubleshoot. As a washing machine repair facility as well, Dave’s Appliance Service specializes in hose connections and replacements. If you have any concerns about hoses, we can pull the dishwasher out safely and evaluate the issues.

Little Or No Drainage

In contrast to leaks, you may have a problem with drainage. As you open the dishwasher after a cycle, all of the water should be gone from the base. Poor drainage allows a puddle to form at the appliance’s base. Allow us to clean out your filter and valves to get the water moving again. Although you may be diligent about cleaning food from plates before a cycle, an accumulation of food occurs over time, causing poor drainage, puddles, and this could be why your dishwasher is malfunctioning. Keep your dishwasher working smoothly with periodic service calls from our professional team.

Dishes Still Dirty

As a top Milwaukee washing machine repair facility, we understand that items in any appliance need to be thoroughly cleaned each cycle. If you must run the dishwasher twice to clean the same dishes, allow us to clean and service the spray arm. Mineral deposits from tap water accumulate in the spray holes, effectively blocking water from cleaning the dishes above. A clean spray arm gets those dishes clean in one cycle each time.

Run your dishwasher and see if it is performing properly. If you cannot see any obvious problems, give us a call for our professional consultation. You want your appliance working well for an efficient kitchen.

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