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Is Your Range Not Working Properly?

5 Signs Your Range May Need to be Repaired

If you love to cook, having a well-functioning stove is a must. Do not settle for a range that only works part of the time or that does not work well. Get it fixed and back to excellent working condition. Here are five signs your range might not be working properly and need repaired.

1. The Gas Burner Will Not Light

If your gas burner does not light, the problem may be a dirty or clogged burner or a bad spark switch. Do not settle for using just a couple of the burners and do not resort to heating foods in the microwave instead. Have an experience repair-person locate the problem and replace the defective piece.

2. The Electric Burner Does Not Heat

If your electric burner does not heat, the problem may be a burned out heating receptacle or a worn out heating element. If the electric burner only heats occasionally, they two may be old, rusty or dirty and unable to make good contact. If cleaning the elements does not fix the problem, an experience repairman can replace them easily.

3. Food Cooks Unevenly

Have you pulled cookies out of the oven, only to find that some have burned while others are still raw? Perhaps you have made casseroles that have burnt spots and cold spots. When you cook your food, you want it to cook evenly. Food cooking unevenly is a great reason to call an appliance repair-person.

4. The Oven Does Not Bake

Even worse than ovens that bake unevenly are ovens that do not bake at all. If your oven refuses to even turn on, it is clearly in need of immediate repair. The repair may be as simple as replacing a fuse, or you may need to replace the entire range altogether. An appliance repair company can let you know for sure.

5. The Oven Does Not Broil

While you probably do not broil foods as frequently as you bake them or heat them on the stove top, you should still be sure your broil function is working properly in case you do need it. The problem could be a weak or burden out broil ignited, a defective thermostat or a defective gas safety valve.

Do not wait until your stove stops working completely to have it repaired. Call the trusted professionals at Dave’s Appliance Service at the first sign that it may need repair so they can have it working as good as new in no time. Dave’s repairs other appliances, and we do washing machine repair too!

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