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Solving Long-Running Dryer Problems

Do you have clothes dryer problems?The moment you bought a laundry dryer, hanging clothes out on the clothesline was behind you. Simply filling the dryer drum and setting it for an automatic session is a luxury many people don’t appreciate until the appliance malfunctions. When a dryer runs too much, several damaging issues could occur. From damaged clothing to possible fire hazards, long-running clothes dryer problems must be solved for safe operation.

Types of Clothes Dryer Problems:

1. Heating Element Malfunction

Unless you air fluff every laundry load, a malfunctioning heating element causes the dryer to run very long. Many newer models have a moisture meter telling the appliance when clothes are sufficiently dry. The dryer continues to operate until all the moisture is removed from the interior. When the heating element doesn’t activate, cold air fills the drum. Clothes can’t be dried in a timely manner with cold air so the dryer keeps spinning. Simply placing your hand in the dryer after running it for an hour will tell you the element isn’t working. The interior will literally be cold.

2. Broken Timer Mechanism

Older dryers use a clicking timer mechanism to set dryer times. You turn a knob to 60 minutes, for instance, and the timer counts down the session. At the 60-minute mark, the dryer automatically turns off regardless if the clothes are dry or not. However, malfunctioning timers don’t count down the time correctly. They may not move at all, leaving the dryer to continually spin until it’s manually shut off. Extensive energy waste, appliance wear and possible fire hazards abound with a broken timer. Replace this part immediately to see the dryer issue resolved.

3. Electronic Timer Issue

Newer dryer models rely on internal electronics to time laundry loads. There are presets and manual modes, but the electronics ultimately control when the dryer turns on and off. If an electronic timer is malfunctioning, the appliance doesn’t have a set time to shut off. It will literally spin until someone opens a door or manually turns the timer off. Although some models have emergency shutdown processes, these safeguards can break down too. Being aware of the dryer in motion is the only way to really protect the home from a major dryer repair problem.

4. Internal Thermostat Breakdown

Modern dryers usually have internal thermostats telling the appliance when it’s hot enough to warrant a shutdown. It’s often connected to the moisture meter. When thermostats break down, however, the dryer remains in the “on” position. Dryer professionals must repair or replace the thermostat to allow the appliance to work safely again. They’ll need to access the heating element where the thermostats are normally located. Allowing it to dry without a properly running thermostat is a fire hazard waiting to happen.

If you aren’t comfortable troubleshooting clothes dryer problems, allow a professional to step in. Dryer repair is necessary to keep the appliance running safely and smoothly for many years. These appliances can last for 10 years or more with the right care. Be aware of any strange issues and call a professional to prevent even worse problems in the future.

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