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Stovetop and Range Care Tips to Live By

image of stove repairAn overlooked workhorse of the average household is the stove or range. With standard four burners and a full-size oven below, these appliances cook up one or more meals every day. You might scramble your eggs and run out the door in the morning, but take some time out of your schedule to clean and maintain your stove. You don’t want to find yourself in need of emergency stove repair the moment family is coming over.

No Spark Equals No Flame

Many stoves use gas-fired burners to produce a consistent flame. If you activate a burner and barely hear any clicking noises, the sparking mechanism might be clogged. Take a look at the spark assembly along the burner’s edge. Food can easily block this area, preventing sparks from interacting with the gas. Wipe any particles out of the area and try the burner again. You should immediately see a flame.

Abrasives Are Abrasive

Whether you have a gas-fired or smooth electrical stove appliance, avoid using abrasives on the surface. You might want to scrub away those persistent food stains, but abrasives will scratch and mar the surface. Look for cleaners that are designed for stovetops with smooth surfaces. They’re designed to remove food debris without creating gouges or scrapes. Any marks into the stove are permanent, making it almost impossible to cover up these imperfections in the future.

There’s a Cleaning Cycle?

The oven space below is often overlooked for cleaning purposes because it’s always closed off from view. Take some time to use the self-cleaning function found on most newer appliance models. The entire oven heats up to between 800 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This excessive heat reduces any particles inside to dust or fragments. After it cools down, you simply wipe the debris out and have a clean oven in exchange.

Clean Your Knobs

The numbered stove knobs become greasy over time, so pull them off periodically to wash them. Don’t scrape those numbers off, however. You still want easy use of the stove after cleaning it up. Look inside the oven while you wash the knobs too. If the light bulb is on its last legs, replace it to see all food cooking in a clear manner.

Stove repair doesn’t have to be expensive when you do your best to clean and maintain the appliance between service calls. Just a few minutes of wiping each day can save time and money in the future for a long-lasting stove. If you do have a problem, give Dave’s a call for a professional consultation. You want your stove working safely and in the proper manner.

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