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What is the average cost of appliance repair?

Appliances are so important in our day to day lives that when they break down, we want them repaired immediately. However, many people fear the cost of repair, and have no idea how to anticipate what a reasonable price for an appliance repair would be. This post will help you to understand appliance repair costs so the next time you have an appliance break down, you’ll know what kind of bill to expect.

Is the Repair Necessary?

Before you get too upset about having a broken appliance, make sure you actually have a broken appliance. Check the obvious things first: Was the circuit breaker tripped? Is it getting power (or water)? Will a thorough cleaning eliminate the issue? You’d hate to have to pay for a service call when something simple is needed. If your appliance does need repair, remember to check the warranty. If it’s still under regular or extended warranty, the repair might be free.

Repair or Replace?

The rule of thumb is that you should repair the appliance if the price to fix it is less than half of the cost of a new one. You should also consider how old your appliance is. While refrigerators used to last 20 years or so, the expected lifespan is much shorter now. It would be wise to find out the typical lifespan of the appliance that is broken; then you can make a more informed decision.

National and Local Average Costs

As you may suspect, appliance repair costs vary widely. Which appliance needs repair and where you live make a difference. Obviously, a garbage disposal repair would cost significantly less than a water heater repair. Other factors that contribute to determining the cost of a repair are: parts; service charge; and labor. Because professionals need to come to your home to fix your appliance, there is a minimum service charge, usually equivalent to the cost of one hour of labor. The average expense for most appliance repairs is $175, and the typical range is from $50 – $500. The usual charge for labor varies greatly, from $50 to $150 an hour. Milwaukee’s average cost of appliance repair is $184, and the labor charge is between $53 to $158 per hour.

Typical Repair Costs for Specific Appliances

Water heater repairs are probably the most expensive, averaging $500. Considering that a new water heater costs well over $1000 though, repair is almost always a good idea. Refrigerator/freezer units generally cost between $200 to $300; if you have a built-in unit, the cost could be higher (though it would also be much more difficult to replace). Stand-alone freezers cost a little less to fix, running between $200 and $250. Whether your range is gas or electric, the average repair cost is between $100 and $200. And completing the kitchen appliances, dishwasher repairs average $160 while disposals are $150. In the laundry room, fixing your washing machine will run you between $125 and $250. If you have an electric dryer, its repair is usually between $150 and $3000. If you have a gas dryer, you can add between $50 and $100 more onto that tab.

Of course, these are very rough estimates. They don’t take into account what is actually needed to fix your appliance. But they give you some idea of what you might expect when an appliance breaks down.

Give the experienced and helpful appliance experts at Dave’s Appliance a call. They’re happy to help you figure out your best solution.

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