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What Should I Look For in an Appliance Repair Company?

When you need an appliance repair company, you need to find a good one. The best practices you should look for fall into the following six categories: Communication; Expertise; Equipment; Respect; Honesty; and Value. This post will consider each of these in turn.


Is it easy to get a hold of your appliance repair company? When you call, you should be able to speak to a real person who really listens to your problem. You should be told when to expect the repair person, and that should be a brief window of time, not all morning or all day. You should expect that your repair person will call you if there are any issues with the arrival time, and that he will explain the problem with the appliance to you clearly. Finally, your appliance repair company should tell you approximately how much it will cost to fix the problem.


Your appliance repair company should have certified technicians, holding both state and federal certifications. Ideally, they should be factory-trained. Look for an appliance repair company that is well established and has a good reputation. If it’s been around for some years, it will have clients who have been helped and a name to live up to. Read its reviews, and not just the ones on its website. Look at reviews on consumer websites like Angie’s List. Reviews should mention knowledgeable technicians and proper equipment, among other positive attributes.


You want an appliance repair company that has respect for your time, for your home, and for you personally. Working with you to come to your house at a time convenient for you is a mark of respect. When the repair person comes to your home, he should make every effort to keep your space clean and tidy, both during the repair itself and when it’s finished. That’s a mark of respect. He should make sure that his repair efforts disrupt your family routine as little as possible, explain the situation to you clearly and without jargon, and give you an honest assessment of any costs or time frames involved.


You need an appliance repair company with a strong reputation for honesty. When appliances break, repairing them can sometimes involve a lot of money. Your appliance repair company should be able to give you accurate estimates, and also let you know if there’s a range of costs. An honest appliance repair technician will tell you when you’re better off replacing an appliance rather than repairing it, too. And if you’re dealing with an independent appliance repair company rather than one connected to a major brand, you can be certain that they’re not motivated by any self-interest.


The most inexpensive appliance repair company is not necessarily the best value. Value is determined by cost, of course, but it is also determined by elements like dependability, responsiveness, and relationship. Does your appliance repair company offer same day appliance repair? It should. Does it charge you another service call charge if a return trip is needed because of ordered parts? It shouldn’t. These are the kinds of intangibles that really enhance an appliance repair company’s value to you. You want someone you can rely on to get there when needed, deal with the issue appropriately, and charge you a reasonable fee.

Appliances cost a lot of money, and when they break down, it can bring chaos into your family life. You might feel desperate, but you should still take the time to find the best appliance repair company around. You’ll be glad you did.

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