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When It’s Time for Stovetop or Oven Range Repair

Repairman performing a range repair

Repairman Servicing an Electric Kitchen Range

When you purchase any major appliance, it always requires some preventive maintenance. Although you may call consistently for a washing machine repair appointment, you shouldn’t overlook your kitchen range either. A range is an appliance that’s a mixture of the stovetop and oven built into one assembly. If you’re concerned about your range not properly working, consider these signs that tell you it’s time for a repair:

Igniters Failing to Produce Flames

When you have a gas range, the burners making up the stove have hidden igniters. As you activate a burner, you’ll hear a subtle clicking noise. If this clicking and sparking isn’t producing a flame, it’s time to contact a professional for service. The gas supply may not be sufficient, the igniter might be dirty or another issue might be at play. Don’t allow the igniter to continually spark either. You’re releasing an explosive gas into the surrounding area that might be harmful.

Cold Coils

Electric ranges have coils that heat up with an orange glow to their surfaces. If you activate your range and the coils don’t heat up, professionals should take a look at the problem. The coil itself might have failed which requires replacement by an expert. Alternatively, there might be an electrical issue plaguing that section. The professionals need to troubleshoot the system and pinpoint all of the possible problems.

Stove and Oven Fail to Heat

The most obvious sign that a range repair is necessary is overall failure. You might preheat the oven and begin to simmer a stew on the stovetop. However, neither of these appliances are properly working. They remain cold to the touch. Shut off all of the controls, and contact a professional. There might be an electrical short that’s affecting the entire system or gas-line interruption. Regardless of the main cause, it’s unsafe to use the range until a professional clears it.

Irregular Oven Temperatures

When your oven range was manufactured, the interior temperature sensor was calibrated. Over time, that sensor may fail to operate at the proper temperatures. You might set the temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but the real value is about 300 degrees F. Schedule an appointment with an appliance professional to your home, so that they can adjust this internal sensor. Your meals will turn out better when the proper temperatures are used.

Possible Odor Release

Natural gas is an inexpensive, range-fuel option that millions of people rely on each day. For quick detection, utilities add a harmless chemical called mercaptan to give gas a distinctive odor. Most people describe the smell as rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide like odor. If this is the case, leave the home and contact professionals. Gas might be leaking at your range.

To keep up with all of your appliances’ maintenance schedules, including range repair, keep a household log of every service call. You might note that it’s been 10 months since your last range appointment. Ideally, contact professionals at least once a year for a kitchen appliance tuneup. When you heat up the range for the next meal, you’ll be confident that it works safely and efficiently.

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