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Be Aware of the Signs Your Clothes Dryer Might Need a Repair

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Does your clothes dryer need repaair?

For many people, a clothes dryer is an important part of their laundry routine. When your dryer starts to experience trouble, life at home can become a bit more hectic. Here are signs that it’s time to call an appliance repair specialist.

Clothes Are Too Hot

If your clothes are extremely hot to the touch, this likely indicates a big problem with your dryer. The issue could stem from a few different things. A bad thermostat can cause overheating. You also shouldn’t rule out a defective heating element. Clogged ductwork can also lead to higher than normal temperatures.

Burning Smell

Upon noticing a burning smell, don’t wait to seek dryer repair. It’s a potential fire hazard. Aside from getting your clothes burned, there’s a chance for the fire to spread to other areas of your home. In fact, there are nearly 3,000 dryer-related fires a year. Lint trapped in the exhaust tube could be the culprit. However, the burning scent could also be from a bad motor. This is especially true if you’ve had the dryer for more than 10 years.

Drying Takes a Long Time

Waiting a long time for your clothes to dry can be a big inconvenience. This issue can also cause your dryer to consume more energy. To avoid experiencing a spike in your electrical bill, contact a professional. While the solution may something simple like cleaning the dryer’s lint tray, the problem could also be a disconnected duct.

Drum Won’t Spin

Understandably, a drum that won’t spin tends to cause immediate concern. However, don’t be so quick to send your dryer to an early graveyard. It could have some good years left. The most common cause is a broken belt. If this is the case, a technician can quickly get your dryer up and running. You’ll be able to avoid the expense of buying a brand-new unit. Look forward to saving a lot of extra money.

Dryer Won’t Turn On

This is the most obvious sign your dryer needs a repair. Banging on the dryer certainly won’t fix the problem. Your appliance needs to be inspected and serviced by a professional. From a blown thermal fuse to a bad starter switch, there are a number of different reasons why your dryer won’t turn on.

Who can fix my clothes dryer?

If your clothes dryer is acting up, or worse, not acting at all, give the repair appliance repair specials at Dave’s Appliance Service a call at (262) 253-2200. Dave will get your clothes dryer working as good as new.

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