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Why Cleaning The Vent Of Your Clothes Dryer Is Important

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Squirrels can fit into tiny holes like a dryer vent

Most people depend on their clothes dryers so that they can do their laundry in the convenience of their homes rather than having to cart it to a laundromat. Clothes dryers have reduced the hassle of this universal household chore. However, making certain that your dryer is properly maintained and in good repair is crucial. If you do not regularly clean your clothes dryer vent, your dryer may cause a devastating fire.

Prevalence of clothes dryer fires in the U.S.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 fires that start with clothes dryers are reported each year. An average of 100 people are injured and five people are killed in fires caused by clothes dryers, and the fires cause an estimated $35 million in annual property losses. At 35 percent, the leading cause of clothes dryer fires is failing to properly clean the clothes dryer vent.

Why cleaning your clothes dryer vent is important

When the vent to your clothes dryer is not clear of debris, it is unable to exhaust properly. This can cause your dryer to overheat. Overheated dryers can catch fire, and the debris clogging the vent can serve as fuel for the fire.

Is cleaning the lint trap enough?

Simply clearing out the lint trap after each dryer load is not enough. While it is important for you to keep your lint trap clean, keeping your dryer vent clear involves much more. Birds can build nests in the exterior portions of the vents, and leaves and other leaf debris can build up inside. Many dryer vents contain plastic or vinyl parts that can easily catch fire, and lint can build up inside of your machine leading to the vent. Each of these different issues can cause a fire to ignite inside of your vent and dryer. If you have a gas dryer, a clogged dryer vent system can also cause poisonous gas fumes to back up into your home and threaten your family.

When should you schedule a vent-cleaning service?

There are a number of different signs that you should call a professional to inspect and clean your dryer, including the following:

* Clothes are abnormally hot after drying
* There is a musty odor after a drying cycle
* Clothes take too long to dry
* The vent hood flap does not properly open while the dryer is operating
* You notice debris when you check the outside vent opening
* Squirrels and other rodents start living in your dryer vent

Even if you don’t notice these signs, it is best for you to schedule a maintenance and inspection appointment for your dryer at least once per year. This can help your dryer to continue functioning at its optimal level so it will last longer. It can also help you to make certain that your dryer is safe so you can keep your home and your family protected.

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