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Is Your Detergent Ruining Your Washing Machine?

washing detergent soap bubblesEveryone wants clean clothes. Some individuals believe that using extra soap will ensure that the job is accomplished. Unfortunately, this is quite the opposite. If you are using too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent, you may be ruining your clothes and causing damage to your machine. To avoid the need for washing machine repair, here are some useful tips for picking a detergent and using the correct amount.

What Detergent is Best?

There is a variety of laundry detergent brands on the market. You are forced to choose between powders, liquids, and pods. All three promise to deliver clean clothes. Due to environmental awareness, many companies have introduced organic products. Some of these items use things like lye for cleaning. However, this ingredient is corrosive to a washing machine. Over time, use may cause a machine’s drum support and bearing seal to break. Excess soap may accumulate and cause hoses and water sensors to become affected as well. Besides soap, fabric softeners may cause problems. These products build in the internal parts of the washing machine and lead to trouble.

Today, many manufacturers produce high-efficiency washing machines. They use less water per load. To match these appliances, detergent manufacturers have introduced HE (high-efficiency) soaps. These soaps are formulated to quickly disperse cleaning agents without creating an abundance of suds. They hold dirt in suspension so that it is not placed back into clean fabric.

How Much Laundry Detergent is Necessary?

Most people use too much laundry soap in each load. It is important to be aware that a little goes a long way. Today’s detergent formulas are concentrated and provide increased cleaning power. The perfect amount of detergent needed will depend on several factors. For instance, it is important to pay attention to the extent of the dirt, the type of water in your home, and the cycle that is being used in the machine. Obviously, it is essential to read the directions on the individual product.

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