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Don’t Make These Holiday Mistakes Near Your Appliances

follow these tips before calling a Milwaukee microwave repairmanBetween Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the holidays are in full swing with loved ones pouring in and out of your front door. Cooking during this time period is traditional, and it also serves a functional purpose. You might have to turn the thermostat down a bit because your oven and stove provide significant heat! The holidays are fun and busy, but they’re also fraught with potential problems. Pay attention to everything going on around your appliances because certain mistakes can culminate into a huge repair bill.

Decorating Near Your Oven Or Stove

Garlands, paper snowflakes and other decorations are often draped over every surface in the home. Although you want the household to be festive, avoid any decorations near the stove and oven. In fact, don’t decorate within a few feet of this area. Both of these appliances are extremely hot during their operation, and they can ignite your pretty decorations, and may start a house fire!

Storing Items Inside the Oven

You might need a new oven before the year ends if you store items inside it on a regular basis. In many cases, you might forget about pans, pots or other items being stored inside the oven. Preheating the oven with these items inside will only result in melted and charred conditions. Find space for your holiday dishes outside the oven for the safest cooking situation.

Forgetting to Clean Out Those Fabrics

Be extra careful about checking the laundry for holiday items before washing and drying them. Holiday crafts and treats can easily be overlooked in pockets, for example. All of these items will clog washers and melt against the dryer’s surfaces. Shake out all of your fabrics before washing them, and you should be able to avoid any damages to your appliances.

Cooking with the Microwave

When you want to avoid an appointment with a Milwaukee microwave repairman, simply use this appliance for reheating only. Microwave manufacturers advertise that their products can cook an entire holiday meal, but it’s not ideal. Food pops and damages the microwave’s interior when the cooking time is long, for instance. Reserve all of your cooking for the oven and stovetop.

Blocking Your Exhaust Openings

Your home could be full of smoke with significant damage to the oven or stove when exhaust openings are blocked. Before you start cooking, check your system’s exhaust ports. They may be located on an exterior wall or rooftop. Keep these openings clear, and you’ll avoid any appliance damage during the holidays.

Call A Milwaukee Microwave Repairman For Appliance Care

Although you may be satisfied with your trusted Milwaukee microwave repairman’s work during your last appointment, you don’t want to have any household issues that require his or her emergency services. Each day during the holidays, take a quick tour of your home. Examine every area in the kitchen, laundry room and other spaces housing appliances. Remove any items hanging or touching an appliance, and remind others about safety precautions. When you’re diligent about appliance care during the holidays, you can avoid costly mistakes and greet repair professionals in the new year for basic maintenance needs.

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