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How to Know When a Professional Repairman is Necessary

Milwaukee washing machine repair can fix your applianceA loud, clunking sound can emanate from your aging household appliance at any time. You might put your face in your hands and believe you need to invest in a new appliance, but that’s not always the case. If you need a quality Milwaukee washing machine repair, that service doesn’t have to break the bank. You simply need to know when an appliance requires the help of a professional. Take a look at these simple concepts that should help you decide on a DIY project or an immediate phone call to repair professionals:

During the Warranty Period

Always call a professional if your appliance is still relatively new. Washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances usually have a one-year warranty. Professionals can adjust and repair that appliance under warranty so that there’s no charges to your account. Fixing the appliance on your own during the warranty period actually voids it according to most manufacturers. Professionals know how to repair the machine and still maintain it’s overall quality direct from the manufacturer. Simply show the repair technician your purchase receipt, and they’ll cover most charges under warranty.

Electrical Wiring Malfunctions

If an appliance feels hot or you hear crackling sounds during its operation, shut it off and call the professionals. Electrical wiring is complex in any modern appliance. Wires that are loose and actively sparking can easily create a fire. You don’t want to touch any wires or nearby items that can conduct electricity. Allow the professionals to survey your appliance and safely repair it. Ideally, shut the main electrical breaker off to the appliance. You don’t want any power inadvertently entering the machine while you wait for a technician.

Natural Gas Concerns

Several common household items, including the water heater and laundry dryer, might use natural gas as their power source. If you think there’s an issue with the gas entering your home, contact the gas utility immediately. Natural gas is highly explosive, and any malfunction can set it off. Professionals can survey the appliance and adjacent gas valves. In most cases, they’ll troubleshoot the gas supply and appliance separately. When both areas are operating properly, they’ll connect them and test the operations.

The Potential for Water Damage

Water damage is a significant expense to clean up after an accident so don’t attempt to fix these issues yourself. If the water heater or laundry washer is malfunctioning, contact professionals so that they can verify if overflows or leaks are involved. Clogged or cracked pipes can easily flood a laundry or garage area. The professionals can look at these strategic areas, repair them and test the appliances. Avoiding any water damage should be your main goal as you trust in your local contractors.

Use all of your senses when it comes to running any of the household appliances. If the appliance feels hot, drips water or offers an unusual sound, it’s time to contact the professionals. A simple Milwaukee washing machine repair call may only require an adjustment and cleaning. Don’t be afraid to call for help. The appliance professionals at Dave’s Appliance can help your machine last for several more years.

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