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What is Your Washing Machine Telling You? Simple Signals That Indicate a Repair is Imminent

washing machine repair

Call a washing machine repair expert to get it running right!

Your washing machine is a hardworking appliance that’s often overlooked when you are doing household maintenance. If the clothes are clean when you remove them from the drum, the machine must be properly working. However, there are obvious signals that occur over time that indicate Milwaukee washing machine repair professionals should be called.

When to Call for Washing Machine Repair

Your washing machine is asking for some tender-loving care when it has these common symptoms:

1. It Won’t Activate

You load the washer, drop the lid down into position and turn the timer on. This basic activation sequence usually results in an operable washer. However, a faulty lid switch can halt every washing sequence and leave you with dirty clothes. The lid switch tells the washer that it’s safe to operate the drum. Faulty switches simply shut down the timer’s circuits. A professional must replace the switch, so that the washer can work once again.

2. Puddles Inside the Drum

As the washing cycle finishes, you’re left with damp clothes pressed against an empty drum. This is a normal washing sequence, but you might notice some puddles accumulating within the drum over time. These puddles might be caused by a number of factors. A clogged drain line is the simplest cause, but it might also be the drum’s pump. Repair technicians need to troubleshoot the washer and make an accurate determination.

3. Where’s the Water?

The washer fills with water when it’s soaping and rinsing the clothes. If water isn’t entering the drum at all, it’s time to call a repair technician. The water valve might be accidentally closed or a hose is kinked. Technicians should look at several areas before they make their final assessment. Water leaking outside of the washer is often the first concern for any reputable repair person.

4. Loud Spinning Sounds

In most cases, you can alleviate any loud sounds in the washer by simply rearranging the clothes. Unbalanced washing loads will cause the drum to spin out-of-balance. However, loud noises can also occur from loose drum fasteners. Ideally, contact a laundry washer professional so that they can take a close look at these fasteners. Ignoring this repair might cause more damage over time as the drum loosens even further.

5. Frozen Drum

Your washer drum might fill with water and appear to operate normally, but it won’t spin. Every drum has a drive belt attached to it. This belt connects between the drum and the motor. If the belt breaks or slips, the drum won’t rotate. Technicians should open the washer and locate the belt. In most cases, a new belt is all that is required for a complete repair.

If you notice that leaks are appearing underneath the washing machine, turn off the appliance and shut off the water valve supplying it. Immediately contact a Milwaukee washing machine repair professional like Dave’s Appliance Service. Leaking water is a serious concern that requires expert troubleshooting skills. Something as simple as a hose might be cracked, but there are other concerns with washers as they age. With a professional’s help, your washer will last for many years cleaning your clothes with each cycle.

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