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Getting a Long Life from Your Washing Machine

In today’s ever fast paced society, many of the things that Americans buy can take quite a beating trying to keep up. This can be especially true with home appliances. With life on the go, and household members leading very hectic lives, many home appliances are pushed to their limits on a regular basis and that is why the need for appliance repair can arise quite suddenly. No-one likes to be without a major appliance unexpectedly, and often appliance repairs can arise with little warning. Most owners can recount stories of when one of their appliances broke down at the worst and most inopportune time. This can be especially problematic for a busy family, and the down time can send a family into a bit of a tizzy.

Even the sturdiest appliance can be dramatically affected by high usage. This can often be the case for all types and brands of washing machines. This includes both top and front loading washing machines. Today the amount of laundry loads for an average family can be 5 to 8 a week, with an annual average of 400 a year. Because of this, laundry machines can certainly take a beating especially for larger loads or when used for rugs and bedding.

There are a few common problems that can arise with washing machines. With front loading washing machines one of the problems that can arise is the need to replace and maintain the gaskets which can fill up with water in a front loader and cause a foul smell after a time. If front loading washing machine gaskets are not cleaned and maintained, they will need to be replaced over time in order for the machine to function properly. Failure to do so can cause further complications with a washing machine and more complex problems.

While appliance repair is often the only time a service repairmen is called, assistance with understanding basic maintenance can be important as well. In these cases an appliance repair specialists can often guide appliance owners on the best way to properly maintain their appliances to extend their longevity. When an appliance breaks down from improper maintenance, it can prove to be an important lesson. Once repaired, the specialists often teach homeowners proper care and upkeep for their appliance.

When looking for a Milwaukee area appliance repair service, it is important to know your repair service provider has knowledge of different makes and models. This helps to avoid any problems or complications with repairs that may cause damage over time. At Dave’s Appliance Service, our factory-trained technicians hold state and federal certifications, and are skilled in all name brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Sears and Whirlpool. Give us a call if you have any questions about your washing machine, or any other household appliances. We are happy to help.

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