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Spring Cleaning Includes Home Appliances

The calendar tells us technically “spring has sprung!” But in Wisconsin, our long-lingering, winter-like weather has us anxiously awaiting green grass, blooming flowers and fresh breezes. It may be running late, but spring weather will soon be here, and Milwaukee area households will begin the annual task of spring cleaning.

Often this time is spent focused on washing windows, tending to the yard, and rearranging the house. One important thing not to be ignored: appliance maintenance. Spring is a time when appliances will often see more use. It’s also the perfect time for your annual or semi-annual appliance parts cleaning and check-up. We love giving our customers tips and guidance to keep their homes running seamlessly. Here are a few great spring cleaning tips and considerations for some of those important household necessities. 


Refrigerators work on a number of physics concepts. Heat release and airflow are two of your refrigerator’s important secret dependencies. Refrigerators have coils that need to be regularly cleaned to release pent-up heat energy. Inside, you’ll notice many vent spaces in the freezer and fridge alike. These must be kept clear of blockage from food, debris, and ice for everything to keep working properly. If there is an overabundance of heat, moisture, or noise you should call a refrigerator repair expert.

Dryer, Dryer Vent
Dryers require the ability to “exhale” large quantities of hot air. This is done via the duct-work. A very real fire danger appears when these crucial arteries become clogged. A combination of basic know-how, brushes, and vacuums can be used to clear the inner orifices of the dryer as well as the external duct-work of any accumulated lint debris. If you find any signs of fire such as a burnt smell or blackened parts, call a dryer repair service soon.

Washing Machine
Giving your washing machine periodic care can extend its life indefinitely. Parts become “gunked-up” after a while. Water and chemicals eventually leave deposits in many high-action areas. Foul smells are another tough, yet common issue. Clean and check all areas you are comfortable working with; for the rest, contact a local washing machine repair service. Burnt smells, erratic shaking, unexplainable moisture and sounds are additional signs that you need professional help.

Have other questions? Give us a call!  We’re happy to be your local appliance experts and are proud to offer honest and dependable appliance repair in Milwaukee.


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