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Getting A Home Wine Cooler

Pinot Grigio wine grapes prior to harvest during vintage 2012If you are passionate about wine and would like to start your own collection, you are likely wondering about getting a home wine cooler. A home wine cooler provides access to a range of wines anytime you want, and you can save bottles for the right occasion. Before you act, you will want to learn the proper steps and to keep a few factors in mind. Doing so will stop you from running into unneeded problems along the way. You will be able to move forward without stress, and your wine cooler will make a fantastic addition to your house.

Wine Cooler Size

Feeling eager to buy their home wine cooler, people often start this home improvement project without considering the number of wine bottles that they want to store, which is a mistake you will want to avoid. Some people purchase a home wine cooler that is too small for their needs, forcing them to tear it down. Other homeowners will purchase that is too large, which prevents them from using the space to complete other projects. If you want to store your wine for years at a time, keep that factor in mind as you move forward. To avoid common pitfalls, take measurements so that you can get the wine cooler that fits your requirements.


The location of your home wine cooler is another factor that you don’t want to overlook if your goal is to get the best possible results. You will need to place your home wine cooler in a spot that won’t be in your way, but you also want it in a location that is easy to access. You can place the wine cooler near your kitchen or dining room, and you will be able to grab a glass of wine with your meals. A lot of people choose to keep their home wine cooler in the basement, and doing so can help with temperature control.

Climate Control

If you want to preserve the flavor of your wine and to keep it at its best, you need to control the climate in which you plan to store it. Maintaining your wine at 55 degrees is a smart step in the right direction, but you will also want to maintain the humidity at 57 percent. If you have trouble keeping your home wine cooler at the right temperature, speak with a Milwaukee wine cooler repair company right away.

Final Thoughts

Having a wine cooler not only allows you to store many bottles of wine, (which wine?) but it also enables you to keep them at the perfect temperature for consumption. You will need to have some things in mind if you want to complete your project without stress. Planning the size and location of your home wine cooler in advance will work wonders. Maintaining the climate of your home wine cooler will allow you to keep your wine fresh for years to come, and you will know that you have made the right choice when you open a bottle.

Now that you have one, you might need a little TLC to Prevent Home Wine Cooler Repair.

Photo by Stefano Lubiana from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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