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Ignore These 6 Washing Machine Repair Warning Signs and You’ll Be at the Laundromat

washing machine repairThe washing machine is one of modern society’s greatest conveniences. It’s an appliance that you probably take for granted until it fails to work one day. Getting a long life from your washing machine is easy. Your washing machine has several components that must work together seamlessly, and those parts will eventually wear out or stop working properly if regular maintenance isn’t done on the machine. Here are six warning signs that your washing machine needs repairs:

#1 Drum Doesn’t Fill with Water

No, your washing machine didn’t turn into a high-efficiency (HE) appliance since your last load of laundry. Although HE washers are designed to use less water than regular washing machines, your conventional washing machine’s drum must have an adequate amount of water to thoroughly clean your clothes. A washer that has a blockage will have no water or a low amount of water in its drum. A reputable washer repair technician has the tools and skills to inspect, clean, and fix washer hoses, pipes, and filters.

#2 Water Remains in the Drum

A lack of drainage is another issue that signals the need for a professional service call. When your washer finishes its wash and rinse cycles, the machine automatically drains the water from the drum. A washer that doesn’t do this may be sending you a cry for help. Your washer could have a blocked hose or pipe that prevents the water from leaving the drum at a normal rate. It could also have a damaged pump.

#3 Drum Doesn’t Move to Agitate Clothes

A stationary drum means that your dirty laundry isn’t going anywhere until you haul it off to the laundromat. Worn components such as belts, switches, clutch, and sensors are often to blame for washing machines that won’t spin.

#4 Machine Makes Loud Noises

A noisy washing machine is not uncommon, but it’s a signal that you should get the appliance checked by a service professional. Washing machine noises can be caused by an unbalanced machine. By redistributing your clothes within the machine and making sure that the appliance is on a level surface, you can stop some washer noises. If the noise persists, you may have a problem with your motor mount or drum. A certified repair technician will know how to find and fix the problem quickly and effectively.

#5 Washer Leaks Water

A washer that leaks water can cause damage to floors and promote mold growth in your home. This problem is usually caused by a worn hose or a loose water connection. Getting a washing machine service professional to inspect the appliance’s components periodically can help you to avoid the inconvenience of a leaky washing machine.

#6 Clothes Remain Wet After Completion of Wash and Spin Cycles

The ability to wring excess water from clothing after completing wash and rinse cycles is a key feature of today’s washing machines. If your washer’s spin feature isn’t working properly, you’ll have to spend extra energy drying your soggy clothes. Technicians fix this problem by checking washing machines for damaged motor couplers, clutches, and belts.

Final Words

While some washing machine problems such as an electronic control panel that won’t power on are obvious, the listed warning signs are often ignored by users as nuisances that will go away during the next wash cycle. By postponing washing machine repair work, you risk making a small problem more serious. When you call Dave’s Appliance Service at (262) 253-2200 to repair your washer, you get fast, affordable service that gets you back to living a normal life. The family-owned appliance service shop also offers same-day repairs to its customers in the Metro Milwaukee area.

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