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Microwave Care Strategies from a Microwave Repair Professional

old microwave repairIt seems the home microwave will just run for years without any care necessary. This myth often leads to poorly performing appliances and even dangerous radiation conditions, however. A Milwaukee microwave repair professional understands these helpful devices and their necessary maintenance schedules. Appliance owners should carve out some time to clean and care for their microwave before issues emerge.

Wipe it Down

Stuck food on the microwave’s interior only contributes to permanent damage because radiation burns these items into sidewalls. Once a week, take a damp cloth with mild detergent and wipe out the interior. Lift up the turntable too to catch crumbs below. If there are stubborn food particles, invest in professional microwave cleaners or contact a service expert. The interior should be clean for proper operation and safety reasons. Strong radiation warms food, but shouldn’t damage the walls with food stuck to them.

Test the Door Latch

Open and close the microwave door several times to watch the latch action. This locking mechanism is one of the most important components to the microwave because it keeps all radiation secured within the appliance. If a latch is worn down, the door won’t seal properly. Give the door a little shake to ensure it is tightly pressed against the microwave’s frame. If the door and latch aren’t secure, contact microwave repair professionals for an evaluation.

Check Those Electrical Cords

If possible, pull the microwave out from the wall. This process can be performed if the appliance is not installed within a wall opening. Inspect the electrical cord for any damage. As microwaves are pushed into place, these cords can be pinched against walls and other objects. Wipe away any dust from the cord to see if it has been severely damaged with cracks or breaks visible on the insulation. If any damage is observed, contact a professional to repair it, and discontinue using the microwave until it is safe to operate again.

Clean Off Exhaust Vents

Microwaves usually have one or two exhaust vents. Depending on the model, they might be located on the top, front side or along most of the backside. Unplug the appliance and observe these vents. They are usually covered in dust and grease. Vacuum this dust away, which allows the vents to move air freely through the system. When vents remain dirty, microwaves can overheat and damage internal components.

Listen to the Turntable

Aside from the telltale microwave hum during operation, no other sounds should emanate from the appliance. Take a moment to listen to the turntable. If it lurches or sticks, stop the device and inspect the center point. Crumbs and grease often fall under the turntable, lodging into the moving center point. Clean out any debris found there and try the appliance again. In most cases, the turntable should rotate normally afterward.

If any major problems occur, contact a Milwaukee microwave repair professional for a service call. Some appliances are built into cabinets, making a house call a necessity. Smaller microwaves can be physically brought to a repair center. Providing all malfunction and model details to the professional leads to a smooth repair process.

Photo by jmv from Flickr using Creative Commons license

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