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Refrigerator Maintenance for the Long Haul

refrigerator repair is importantWhen it comes down to it, your refrigerator can hold $100 or more of groceries at any one time. If this critical appliance breaks down, you stand to lose a considerable amount of money. To avoid those intense breakdown possibilities, maintaining your refrigerator or freezer is the simplest solution. Go ahead and pull it out from the wall to take a good look at all corners of this chilling giant. You want it to last for at least 10 years.

Refrigerator Feet Prefer a Level Stance

Take a look at those appliance support feet as you pull the refrigerator from the wall. Those feet rotate freely in their sockets, giving you a chance to level the entire appliance perfectly. A level appliance allows all the internal parts to operate and flow properly. You could actually have a leak if the appliance is tilted to one side with an extreme angle. Place a hand level on the appliance and rotate the feet until you see a level condition. This process should only take a few minutes.

Those Coils Shouldn’t be Fuzzy

Although a Milwaukee refrigerator repair professional can perform this maintenance job, be sure to keep those condenser coils clean between service appointments. Periodically, pull the appliance from the wall and wipe down the black coils emanating from the backside. Some models have the coils underneath. They must be free of dust and able to vent heat from the refrigerator to adequately cool the interior.

Be Wary of Dripping Noises

You might hear the refrigerator or freezer crackling or settling throughout the day because of temperature fluctuations, but drips aren’t a normal occurrence. Pull out the drip pan to see if there’s any debris or clogs in the area. The drain hole is near this pan, so clear out any blockages in this orifice too. Condensation must be able to evaporate out of this space. Excessive dripping could mean water is blocked and possibly puddling under the appliance.

Make Those Doors Stick!

Your door gaskets take a lot of abuse over the years, so wipe them down with a mild detergent and water periodically. Any gaskets that aren’t meeting perfectly with the door frame must be replaced. Even the smallest gap allows cold air to escape, forcing the appliance to work harder to keep the same area cool.

Bad Smell Got You Down?

A clean appliance gives off no smell at all, but you can’t scrub the refrigerator every day. Place an open box of baking soda in the appliance to soak up those unusual scents. Take a few minutes each month to wipe the interior out with soapy water. You’ll prolong your refrigerator’s life with cleanliness and basic maintenance.

Get Your Refrigerator Repair Done Right

If you do have appliance problems over the years that basic maintenance can’t solve, try a reputable Milwaukee refrigerator repair service. Appliance experts can quickly evaluate and concisely pinpoint any issues requiring attention. A basic repair could be necessary instead of a complete replacement costing in the hundreds of dollars. Keep your freezer or refrigerator working for the long haul with clever home care and consistent professional visits.

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