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Treat Your Dishwasher to Smart Maintenance Checks

If you see bubbles, you need dishwasher repairAvoid those nightmare scenarios where water is pouring out of your dishwasher and onto the floor by simply trying a few maintenance tips. This appliance shouldn’t require constant dishwasher repair because quick cleaning and examinations stop any major problems in their tracks. Your dishwasher isn’t just part of the cabinetry, but houses a controlled water and soap display that can clean your dishes every day without fail.

There’s a Filter Inside?

You might be diligent about wiping food debris off dishes as you load the dishwasher, but particles still find their way into the appliance. There are no worries for you regarding clogs because you keep track of the internal filter. This filter is normally on or near the floor of the appliance, providing easy access to it for cleaning. Keep it clean and replace it when damaged. Food particles can damage sensitive washer parts.

Pay Attention to Water Jet Orifices

Take a moment to peer into the dishwasher when it’s off to find all the water jets. These small holes create the water’s pathway to spray your dishes clean. Over time, however, food particles and mineral buildup block the jets. Simply clean the holes with soapy water to clear out the blockages. The next washing cycle should create nearly spotless dishes after drying.

Drips on the Floor are No More

The amount of water spraying against the dishwasher walls is astounding, making solid seals critical to avoid moisture damage just outside the appliance. Open the dishwasher door to reveal the seals. Wipe them down with soapy water to remove any mold or other particles. Those seals need to look brand new to work properly during each cycle. Small drips can emanate from the tiniest cracks along the edges.

Get Down to the Floor

That dirty water has to go somewhere, so get down on your hands and knees to look into the adjacent cabinet. You’re looking for hoses and wiring extending between the dishwasher and wall. There should be no cracks or exposed metal wiring within the cabinet. Contact professionals if any line appears unusual. Major dishwasher leaks can develop with damaged lines.

Did You See the Dishwasher Feet?

While you’re on the floor, be sure to look at the dishwasher’s front feet. They should be adjusted to give the entire dishwasher a level stance. However, the feet can shift over time. Open the dishwasher and place a hand level just inside the door. Rotate the feet until the entire machine is leveled accurately. If you don’t feel comfortable with this necessary adjustment, you can always contact Dave’s Appliance Service for help. Level dishwashers offer leak-free use for years.

Sometimes, dishwasher repair is just a necessary part of life. If you’ve been taking care of the appliance, it shouldn’t need a big repair bill. With the right care, your dishwasher could live for a decade or more. They sure don’t make them like they used to, so keep your vintage dishwasher working like it’s just been pulled from the manufacturing box.

Picture by Pedro Reyna from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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