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Signs Your Garbage Disposal Might Need To Be Repaired

Your trusted garbage disposal keeps your kitchen sink running smoothly, with small food particles flowing down the drain with no problems. When your disposal starts malfunctioning, however, washing dishes and preparing foods becomes much harder. There are several signs that your disposal needs a quality repair. Be a detective, and inspect your appliance for these common issues.

The Sound of a Monster In The Sink

When you turn the disposal on, you may hear a chewing noise, almost like a monster is down the sink. Turn the disposal off immediately. Two problems are often the culprit of this noise. A small utensil may have fallen into the disposal, effectively bending and warping under the blades’ power. Alternatively, a blade may have loosened within the assembly. With either problem, it is a good idea to call a professional for service. Dave’s Appliance Service specializes in Milwaukee disposal repair, but they also excel in the servicing of other major appliances.

No Power At All

When you flip the disposal switch, it should automatically turn on. If there is no power, look at the disposal’s power cord to verify that it is plugged into the wall outlet. Alternatively, press the reset button on the disposal body. You may have also tripped a circuit breaker. Because this is not a normal occurrence, you should call for a service visit to check the appliance.

Leaks Below Assembly

Water leaks only lead to damaged cabinets, flooring and possibly drywall. If you see any leaks from the disposal, do not use the sink. Fixing your disposal is a specialty of Dave’s Appliance Service. The disposal may need new seals, requiring a complete overhaul of the internal components. Seals are commonly rubber gaskets, allowing all the disposal parts to come together cleanly.

It’s Making a Humming Noise

Disposals use a powerful motor to spin the internal blades. When you turn the disposal on, and it just hums without movement, turn it off immediately. The humming sound is the motor, but it is not operating correctly. Service specialists need to inspect the disposal to determine the failure. Running the disposal with the humming overheats the motor, effectively damaging its operational parts.

If your disposal isn’t working well, contact a service specialist to verify the issue. Food particles that enter the plumbing in large chunks can easily clog your pipes. A properly working disposal grinds food into small pieces that flow easily through the plumbing.

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