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Summertime and Your Appliance’s Upkeep

Ask your Milwaukee refrigerator repair professional about this one

Ask your Milwaukee refrigerator repair professional about this one

Your heater made it through the winter, and now you’re looking forward to warm days and relaxing afternoons without any appliance problems. Although summer is a time for vacationing and playtime, you shouldn’t overlook your appliances’ care either. In fact, it’s a good time to contact a Milwaukee refrigerator repair professional for their evaluation of your appliances. Put your appliances’ maintenance schedules ahead of everything else in order to avoid any costly repairs.

Clean Your Appliance Now

You may have vacuumed the house during spring cleaning, but your appliances aren’t always part of that project. Before the summer heat really kicks in, completely clean out the refrigerator’s interior. Make a mental note of any unusual stains or broken pieces. Pull the refrigerator out from the wall too. Wipe off the coils that reside across the appliance’s backside. These coils help the refrigerator remain cool on the inside by transferring heat to the exterior. If the coils remain dirty, they’ll overheat and possibly cause a cooling malfunction in the appliance.

Take a Look Around

The refrigerator should have ample space around its rear and sides so that hot air can escape from the appliance. Remove any items that have been stored alongside the refrigerator, and only leave a decorative item on its top exterior surface. Any escaping heat needs the space to dissipate. As you continue to examine your refrigerator, look on the floor for any puddles. Refrigerators create condensation every moment of the day, but it should drain and evaporate out of your home. Any puddles on the floor indicate a problem for a professional’s evaluation.

Strange Noises Require Attention

Refrigerators will have a soft hum as they operate throughout the year. As summer arrives, the appliance works even harder to keep your food cool. If you notice any noises coming from the refrigerator, they are not normal. The internal parts may be breaking down as a result of their overuse as summer’s heat continues. Be sure to keep the refrigerator out of direct sunlight in order to reduce its workload. Regardless of the day’s temperature, the appliance’s interior should have a steady cool feeling. Any fluctuations from normal temperatures need to be evaluated by a professional.

Garage Appliance Considerations

Many families have refrigerators in the garage that they use in the spring, summer and fall. Pull the unused refrigerator out from the garage wall, and clean it up. Plug it in, and test its operations. With a clean appliance that operates well, you can fill it up with frozen barbecue meats, ice cream and other fun foods. When the refrigerator doesn’t operate well after your cleanup project, it is time to have it evaluated.

A major perk of contacting your Milwaukee refrigerator repair professional in summer is the appointment versatility. Many people don’t think of appliance care in the summer so your local repair company might have several openings on any given day. Take advantage of their slow season as you save money with minor repairs instead of major ones.

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