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Pinpointing When Your Microwave Requires a Service Call

even a built-in microwave oven might need Milwaukee microwave repair

Even a built-in microwave oven might need Milwaukee microwave repair

In the past, reheating food used to require the use of the stovetop or oven, which took considerable time. By the 1980s, the microwave was slowly becoming the solution to leftover night. Place the food inside the appliance, add a time to the control panel and your meal is ready in a matter of minutes. However, your appliance may require a visit from a Milwaukee microwave repair professional at some point. Examine your kitchen for any of these symptoms that indicate some repairs are necessary right away.

Cold Food

You may have set the microwave for three minutes, but your food is still incredibly cold. There could be several issues at play, which requires a professional’s expertise to solve. An internal part, such as a diode, might be bad. This electronic component acts as a heating element within the appliance. Alternatively, you could have a bad door switch. If the appliance senses that your door isn’t properly sealed, it won’t activate any heat or radiation.

No Turntable Movement

The turntable mechanism allows your food to be evenly heated as the appliance warms up. You might notice the turntable struggling to move or freezing altogether. The table’s support may be broken, or the motor fails to activate. Technicians inspect both of these parts and confirm the details. In many cases, an improper glass turntable might be inside the microwave too. Only use the factory-approved turntable for the best rotating action.

Intermittently Shuts Off

You set the microwave for two minutes and walk away, but it stops working after only 20 seconds. Intermittent shut-off scenarios are often caused by either the control panel, main printed circuit board or both parts. Technicians will usually troubleshoot your touchpad first because it is vulnerable to excessive wear. Pressing the buttons every day can cause part failures over time. In rare cases, the main PCB is bad and requires replacement.

Sparking Interior

A serious issue that requires immediate service is a sparking interior. Your microwave uses powerful radiation to heat the food. These rays bounce off the interior walls and into the food. However, exposed metal creates a conduction point for the waves too. If your microwave is sparking, it probably has some exposed metal within the interior. Chipped walls and other surfaces should be repaired before use resumes.

No Touchpad Response

A relatively simple repair for your microwave is the touchpad. Kids might press the numbers with too much pressure, or you just have a busy household. The pad itself can break down along with the PCB associated with it. Both of these parts do not have to fail as a complete unit, however. Technicians can replace either part with some troubleshooting expertise.

Although you may be curious, avoid opening the microwave’s internal components on your own. Many parts contain radiation or high voltage that can be dangerous to amateur technicians. Simply hire a reputable Milwaukee microwave repair professional who can rapidly determine and fix your issue. With diligent care, your microwave can be up and running for many years.

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