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Telltale Signs That Your Garbage Disposal is Malfunctioning

repairman fixing a garbage disposal

A repairman fixing a garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is a valuable appliance in the kitchen as it grinds up small food particles and flushes them out of your plumbing. Without the disposal, you’d have to catch these particles with a strainer and throw them out after each meal. Because you rely on your garbage disposal for everyday use, it can be obvious when it’s experiencing problems. When you call Milwaukee dishwasher repair professionals for an appliance evaluation, ask them about your disposal too. These professionals have experience with every kitchen appliance. Does your disposal have any of the following problems?

No Power

The most obvious sign of a failed disposal is no power. You flick the switch on the wall, and nothing happens at the disposal itself. In many cases, you simply need to press the reset button that resides on the disposal’s outside housing. If this solution doesn’t work, a technician may need to look at the electrical components. Disposal wires might be shorting and causing no power, for instance.

Metallic Clanking Sounds

Power might be flowing to the disposal, but you hear a loud, clanking noise as the assembly rotates. Turn the disposal off and contact professionals. A piece of metal may be stuck within the disposal and bouncing off of the interior blades. In fact, it’s possible for a blade section to snap off and cause this sound. Alternatively, a utensil may be trapped inside the disposal too.

Humming Motor With No Rotation

Turning on the disposal might result in a basic humming noise and no rotation. Shut the system off so that you can protect the motor. The disposal might be frozen in place because of trapped food, rust or age. A humming noise indicates that the motor is trying to turn the blades, but they won’t rotate. Technicians need to locate the frozen parts and service them before the sink can be used again.

Active Leaks

Your garbage disposal is meant to be a closed system where food and water simply move into the home’s plumbing system. Take a look under your sink on a periodic basis. There should never be any leaks originating from the disposal when it’s properly operating. If you notice a leak from any connection points or the housing itself, a repair is necessary.

Backed Up Sink

If you run the disposal on a regular basis, your sink should never back up. Experiencing a backed-up sink, however, means that a lot of food might be lodged in the disposal. Allow a technician to open the disposal up and verify the backup problems. Clogs might be in the appliance, but they can also be located within the plumbing itself.

Your trusted Milwaukee dishwasher repair professional may diligently service your garbage disposal over the years, but every appliance has a specific lifespan. If the repairs will cost more than half the price of a brand-new unit, your technician might advise that a replacement is necessary. In the end, your technician will try to do what’s best for your appliance and budget when the disposal is malfunctioning.

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