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The Right Detergent for Your Washing Machine

laundry detergent on grocery shelfIf you would like to get the most from your washing machine and keep it in great shape for years to come, you need to follow the right steps and have some tips in mind. Not using the right washing machine detergent can cost you money on your energy bill or even result in costly washing machine repair fees. This guide reviews the types of detergents from which you can choose and points you toward the correct path.

High-Efficiency Detergents

High-efficiency washing machines use less water than standard washing machines and require high-efficiency detergents. Standard laundry detergents produce a lot of bubbles and foam that require plenty of water to wash away. If you have a high-efficiency washing machine and use standard detergents, you won’t get enough water to clear the foam. The foam can even overflow and damage your washer if you are not careful, and you will then need to hire a washing machine repair team.

Cold-Water Detergents

Most of the power consumed by your washing machine is for heating the water to the desired temperature. If you want to help the environment and save a little money each month, consider using a cold-water detergent to wash your clothes. Cold-water detergents can give you even better results with some clothes, such as those made from lace or silk. You can find cold-water detergents that are rated to work in high-efficiency washing machines if you have one.

Green Detergents

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, a lot of people opt for green detergents when it’s time to clean their clothes. You can notice some results depending on the fabric and how dirty your clothes are, but green detergents are not as effective as other types. You won’t even need to consider this path if you have a high-efficiency washer because it already does its part in protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption.

Fabric Softeners

Some people have trouble deciding whether or not they should use fabric softeners when placing their clothes in the washing machine. While many of them always use fabric softeners, others never do, but no answer works the same for everyone. If you have hard water and want to keep your clothes looking fresh, fabric softeners can give you a lot of benefits. You can use much less if you have a water softener for your home.

Final Thoughts

The type of detergent you need depends on the kind of washing machine you have and the water you use. For the best possible results, ensure that you only use high-efficiency detergents in high-efficiency washing machines, and you won’t run into many problems. Look at the tags of your clothes before washing them to learn whether you should use warm or cold water.

Some people ignore these tips because they don’t understand the importance of making the right choice, but you don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Using the wrong washing machine detergent too many times can cause problems with your washer that require the touch of a local appliance repair company. On the other hand, using the right one for your washing machine and water type can save you money on your power bill, remove harsh stains and protect your washing machine.

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Photo by Scott McLeod from Flickr using Creative Commons license.

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