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Troubleshooting Your Home Wine Cooler

wine bottles on shelves of a wine cooler

A chilled glass of white wine on a warm summer night relaxes the muscles after a long day, but your home wine cooler has other plans. When you pull the bottle from the appliance, it is warm. There are several signs that tell you when your wine cooler needs repair. Here are some tips that can help you out with some basic troubleshooting of your wine cooler.

Moisture Formation

One of the most common issues coolers experience is moisture formation. Whether it is on the outside or inside of the unit, moisture accumulation is not healthy for the appliance, or the wine. Check that the door is firmly closed at all times. A slightly ajar door only allows moisture to condense on surfaces, creating unsightly ice particles. The door seals may be bad as well, allowing air to move through the door’s crevice. Repair technicians can apply new seals that will last many years.

Temperature Fluctuations

Your home wine cooler uses internal sensors to detect exact temperatures. In turn, those sensors send signals to the main circuit board. Electronic components activate or deactivate the cooler’s cooling process as needed. However, malfunctioning sensors and circuit boards cause extreme temperature swings.

The cooler can either be too hot or too cold. A repair technician would have to determine if the faulty part is just the sensors, main board or a combination of all the parts. Intricate troubleshooting is key for this issue.

Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

A cooler that constantly trips circuit breakers could be on a busy circuit. Check that your electrical system has a dedicated circuit for the cooler. If you try to run the cooler on the same circuit as a hair dryer, for instance, the circuit shorts from too much current. This integrated safety mechanism tells you to plug the unit into another electrical outlet.

Vibrating Cooler

When the cooler’s cooling mechanism activates, the appliance will hum slightly, similar to a home refrigerator sound. If you notice the cooler physically vibrating, however, unplug it from the wall. Extreme vibrations usually indicate a bad compressor. The compressor uses a pressurized refrigerant liquid to create cold air for the cooler. If this part fails, it vibrates from the effort of trying to pressurize the liquid, but failing. Allow a professional to troubleshoot this issue.

At Dave’s Appliance Service, we specialize in Milwaukee washing machine repair. However, we also care about your other specialty appliances. A home wine cooler is a smart luxury that requires some maintenance over time. With a little care, the cooler can run efficiently for many more years.

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